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Monograph “The emergence of subjective land rights” is Kovach’s D., Ph.D., senior lecturer at the Department of Life Safety and Law. This paper provides a comprehensive scientific analysis of the legal regulation of the emergence of subjective land rights.

The publication is designed for scientists, teachers, graduate students, law students, legal practitioners, as well as anyone interested in this issue.

The monographic work is devoted to one of the important and practically significant issues – the emergence of subjective land rights of citizens, legal entities, public formations, etc. Suffice it to say that the right to the land of every citizen is his natural right, which he received from birth. Legal entities cannot do without land. They can carry out their activities using it as the main means of production in agriculture or forestry, use the relevant land plots as the location of the infrastructure of the legal entity, and so on.

Some complex provisions of the current land legislation, considered in the monograph, are set out in the elective – “School of Agrarian Leadership”.

the Department of Life Safety and Law