Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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History of the institute

In 1991, as part of one of the leading agricultural higher educational institutions of our country – Kharkiv Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture, the only faculty of technical service in Ukraine was founded, which in 2010 became the educational and scientific institute of technical service (ESI TS)!

In 1990, 52 students (2 groups) were recruited for the specialization “Technical Service” in the specialty “Agricultural Mechanization”.

During the academic year, methodological support of disciplines was developed, the material and technical base of the departments was strengthened, and close ties with repair and maintenance enterprises were established. Since September 1991, the enrollment of students has increased to 120 people (4 groups).

Given the growing popularity of specialization and the prospects of this area of ​​training, enlisting the support of Derzhsilhosptekhnika, Agrosab, the university leadership decided to establish a faculty of technical service (order issued November 29, 1991).

On June 29, 1995, a permit was obtained for the training of specialists in the field of 6.0919 “Mechanization and electrification of agriculture” in the specialty 7.090904 “Operation and repair of agricultural machinery” in the amount of 150 people.

February 11, 1997, SAC certifies the right to conduct activities related to the provision of higher education at the level of qualification requirements for a specialist in the field of 6.0902 “Engineering Mechanics” in the specialty “Agricultural Machinery” – 25 people.

In connection with the introduction of a new list of specialties in 1997, the specialties of the faculty were nostrified into a new specialty “Machinery and equipment of agricultural production” with a licensed volume – 180 people in the field of “Mechanical Engineering”.

Since 2006, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has made changes to the list of specialties and in this regard, training is now carried out in the field of knowledge “Agricultural machinery and equipment. production “.

Within the specialty, specialization programs were developed: 1991 – technical service, 1995 – marketing and management in technical service, 1997 – engineering design, 2000 – technical inspection, 2003 – dealership.