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About the ESI MMS

The institute cooperates with the heads of well-known domestic and foreign companies, concerns and holdings involved in the preparation and implementation of training programs, reorientation of curricula to increase the share of the practical component, large-scale implementation of internship programs with further employment in companies such as CASE, John Deere, Lemken, SOLLY +, Zeppelin, UPEC industrial group, PJSC Elvorti, agro-industrial company KERNEL, HTZ, Ukragrozapchastyna LLC, Privat Bank, and many others.

About the ESI MMS

Our institute has created unique educational programs and opened modern specialties that take into account the requirements of European standards and are focused on training professionals in mechatronics and management systems, entrepreneurship, exchange activities, and law with practical experience, managers of companies selling machinery, logistics of agricultural products, aimed at personal development, the success of your company and influential participation in the development of effective solutions for agribusiness in Ukraine. The quality of educational services is confirmed by the certificate of compliance with the requirements of the International Standard for Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015.

Наш інститут готує фахівців за такими спеціальностями:

208 “Agroengineering” (levels of bachelor, master, doctor of philosophy and doctor of sciences) in the following areas:

  • agroengineering;
  • alternative heat energy;
  • quality, standardization and certification;
  • mechatronics of agro-industrial production;
  • foreign machinery and technologies in agribusiness;
  • engineering of production and processing of livestock products.

Employment: head of the enterprise, farm, dealer for equipment sales, design engineer, an engineer for mechanization and automation of production processes, equipment testing engineer, the leading engineer of the research organization, junior/senior researcher, head of department, sector, laboratory design and research of machines, processes and mechatronic systems.

274 “Road transport” (bachelor’s and master’s levels) in the following areas:

  • road transport;
  • car engineering and design;
  • ransport ecology and preservation of ecosystems;
  • technological operation of cars.

Employment: Director of the service station, head of motor transport enterprises, engineer-designer of motor transport, dealer in the sale of equipment, head of the design department, engineer-researcher of the machine-building industry, an expert in police departments and forensic institutes.

201 “Agronomy” (bachelor’s and master’s levels) in the following areas:

  • agronomy;
  • innovative farming systems;
  • landscaping;
  • seed production and seed science.

Employment: management positions of public and private institutions, chief agronomist, head of the biotechnology laboratory, landscape designer, agronomist-technologist for production and storage of crop products, insurance expert, and manager-consultant of leading marketing firms operating in the agricultural market of Ukraine.

101 “Ecology” (bachelor’s and master’s levels) in the following areas:

  • ecology;
  • environmentally friendly technologies;
  • engineering ecology and resource conservation;
  • environmental management and environmental safety.

Employment: ecological auditor and expert, head of the department of technogenic-ecological safety or environmental protection, chief technologist for environmental works, head of the entrepreneurial ecologically oriented structure, chief ecologist, engineer for protection of natural ecosystems.

081 “Law” (bachelor’s level) by educational programs:

  • legal practice in the agro-industrial complex;
  • law;
  • land and property relations in agribusiness;
  • international law in agro-industrial production.

Employment: assistant chairman of the court; state executor; notary consultant; customs inspector; law enforcement officer; inspector of the personnel department; inspector of the civil status registration department; leading researcher; legal expert-consultant; head of the legal department; legal consultant in the agricultural sector.

About the ESI MMS

You also have the opportunity to study in several specialties in parallel (the second specialty is half the cost of the contract), receiving a second higher education or studying for a reduced period of time together with thorough engineering training, which will realize cherished dreams and gain undeniable competitive advantages in the labor market.

Thanks to the introduction of innovative ideas and solutions, our institute preserves (for 89 years since its opening more than 35 thousand highly qualified specialists have been trained) and multiplies the glorious traditions of Ukrainian engineers, dealers of leading Western companies, lawyers. It is on the basis of our institute created a powerful innovation and educational cluster “AGROTECHNICS” in the field of new technologies of tillage and modern agricultural machinery, initiated and founded by the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, PJSC “UPEC”, LLC “Lozovsky Forging and Mechanical Plant” design bureau of transmissions and chassis “. A modern training and research laboratory “Case Education” was opened with the support of the Department of Agricultural Development of KHOD and the direct participation of LLC “Ukragrozapchastyna” and the company Case IH Agriculture. The John Deere Training Center and the Certification Testing Center for Mobile and Agricultural Machinery have been established.

About the ESI MMS

The Educational and Scientific Institute of Mechatronics and Management Systems is located in the building, which is an architectural monument. Earlier here was the First Real School of Kharkiv, which was built in 1877 by architect Tolkunov KA in the style of classicism with a total area of 12,500 m 2 . Based on the institute an educational-scientific-production complex has been created, which includes 8 departments:

To increase the efficiency of practical training and meet the requirements of modern agricultural enterprises in 2017, two new departments were created:

The Institute maintains extensive international relations with the Higher School of Engineering in waves of anger (France), the University of Ohio (USA), the Prague Agrarian University (Czech Republic), the Agricultural Academy (Poland), the Keling Agricultural School, and the Koris Agricultural School (Denmark). Internships at leading companies in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Norway, and Australia allow our students to work in foreign companies after graduation and significantly improve their language practice. The experience of free communication in English directly with native speakers allows not only to feel part of global processes, to take full advantage of the visa-free regime with the European Union but also to take an active part in international activities and company development.

About the ESI MMS

Studying at our institute is a solid foundation for your personal and professional growth, which forms high-quality specialists and guarantees our graduates employment in leading companies. We want you to be successful and special, and a pleasant time of your studies was full of bold discoveries and personal victories! See you in our friendly student community!

With sincere wishes,
Director of the Institute of Mechatronics and Management Systems
doctor of technical sciences, professor Vlasovets Vitalii