Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Field of knowledge 28 “Management and administration”

Specialty 281 “Public Administration”

Training of highly qualified, successful, communicative public administration and administration specialists for executive bodies, higher education institutions, academic institutions, corporate institutions and business structures, their departments and divisions with modern views and creative thinking, able to participate in research.

Objectives of the educational program:

1.Training of personnel for the public sphere and state institutions, able to use the acquired knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies to achieve the set goals and solve complex problems in the field of their professional activity.

2.Educating future professionals in a stable need for self-development and self-improvement as professionals with a high level of competence and responsibility

3.Educating a modern elite capable of developing and implementing a state development program at the national and regional levels, maintaining effective multilateral communication between government, business and the public, ensuring effective implementation of modern scientific achievements in the daily life of ordinary citizens to ensure the highest level of public needs and interests of citizens.

4.Formation of higher education students’ systemic and complex ideas about the processes in the public sphere and the use of appropriate management tools to influence these processes to achieve socially useful goals.

5.Educating responsible, motivated, honest and orderly professionals who are able to perform their professional duties properly, even under the influence of adverse external factors.

Suitability of graduates for employment and further study:

Jobs at enterprises of any organizational and legal form in the positions of junior specialists and specialists, public procurement specialist; public relations specialist; state social inspector; administrative assistant; personnel inspector; personnel organizer; administrative secretary; secretary of the committee of the organization (institution); secretary of the body of self-organization of the population; main activity officer; assistant to the head of the enterprise (institution, organization); inspector of social benefits. Head (president of the association, concern, corporation; director of the enterprise; head of department, etc.); specialist in administrative work (head of department, chief engineer) logistics specialist (head of sales, logistics, etc.); specialist of the department of foreign economic activity; specialist in production, sales, consumption of goods and services; specialists in scientific and educational institutions; commercial manager; Manager of Logistics; public relations manager; HR Manager; personnel inspector; public relations manager; HR Manager; trade inspector; head of divisions of non-productive sphere of activity (marketing, sales, hall managers).