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Вступники на спеціальність “Tourism” can choose the educational program “Tourism”.


Tourism is probably one of the few areas of public life that everyone faces in one way or another.

Tourism unites people from different countries, allows them to get acquainted with the world cultural heritage, teaches peace and tolerance. It is an important factor in economic development and one of the effective incentives for positive change in society.

Tourism is one of the most dynamic, profitable, popular, and promising areas of development of the modern world and Ukraine. Mastering the art of tourism, entrepreneurship in the tourism industry opens up very favorable conditions and opportunities for self-realization of talented young men and women who seek professional and career growth or dream of starting and successful business.

An employee of this field must have deep professional knowledge, adhere to the requirements of etiquette, be erudite and communicative, demonstrate a high culture of service.

Today our state needs highly qualified young tourism specialists who would be able to significantly increase the level of tourist services and their daily work to create and maintain a positive image of Ukraine as a country of great cultural and natural resources. A tourism specialist is a promising and interesting profession that allows you to constantly develop, explore the world, and help other people get to know it.

If you are ready to learn professionally, qualitatively and as safely as possible to give people the joy of travel, meeting the new and unusual, being able to take responsibility, constantly learning about the world and self-improvement, then this profession is for you.

Employment of graduates in the specialty

Tourism specialists can hold the positions of head of the tourism department in executive bodies (at the state and regional levels), tourism managers, travel agents, tour operators, tour operators, travel agencies, travel agency branches, tourist bases, tourism industry enterprises (including hotel complexes). They can also work as a specialist in conference services, a specialist in security in tourism, a specialist in specialized services in tourism, tour operators, tour group leaders, managers in a particular tourist area, booking agents, tourism agents (inbound, outbound, internal), heads of departments of travel companies (for example, head of marketing and sales of a travel agency), tourism industry enterprises, animators, tourism consultants. Also, graduates of “Tourism” can open their own business.