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051 Economics

Analysis and justification of business profitability, business planning and business diagnostics, project development, and evaluation of their effectiveness, economic justification of management, marketing, engineering decisions – these tasks are solved by economists.

Economist – one of the most relevant and popular specialties. Any business entity involves competent economic experts to plan and analyze its activities. An economist is a person on whom the future of an enterprise depends, which can determine its strengths and weaknesses, prospects for development.

Здобуття вищої освіти за спеціальністю 051 «Economics opens wide employment opportunities: in industrial, commercial, agricultural, enterprises, state enterprises and institutions, IT companies and research institutions, banks, insurance and financial companies, in areas of consulting and business training.

Educational programs by specialty 051 “ Economics ” – Your choice , if you:

  • strive for creative learning and creative professional activity, development of analytical and creative thinking; to professional growth and personal development;
  • want to get involved in modern business education and learn from teachers who have experience in various higher education institutions in Ukraine and abroad, as well as in business; are the authors of scientific developments, textbooks, use interactive teaching methods;
  • plan to do an internship in leading domestic and foreign companies;
  • Share the values ​​of academic integrity.