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Entrants received the status of students

Today in the main building of the university, in the building on the street. Alchevskykh, 44 entrants received the status of students, there were announcements of orders for enrollment in the state budget for the bachelor’s degree and a meeting with the leadership of institutes and faculties. Young people gathered in the appropriate classrooms to get acquainted with the administration of the Institute and their faculty, their classmates and to get answers to organizational or household questions. At the beginning of the meeting, the representatives of the Admissions Committee of KhNTUA greeted the new students and announced the orders for enrollment in the university.

The management was well prepared for the meeting with the new freshmen. The first place we visited was room 212, which was filled with new members of the large student family of our university. The administration of the educational and scientific institute was very well prepared for the verbal-communicative method of interaction with young people and their parents, and also consolidated their acquaintance by gathering information using such a tool as a questionnaire. With the help of a specially designed “Freshman Questionnaire” for the audience questionnaire, the ESI directorate received a high level of mass research of entrants, because it reflected and took into account all possible issues related to information gathering, freshman life, socio-psychological issues, and requests to make suggestions. The audience was marked by sectors by specialties, and QR-menus were available for young students as a convenient, contactless solution to relevant issues.

Each ESI and FTSL approached the meeting with new students and their parents very thoughtfully and creatively, told about the benefits of studying at our university, about the peculiarities of student life at the faculty and ESI, and answered a number of pressing questions. It is worth noting that the energy of the event allowed all participants to feel a positive and friendly atmosphere.

Congratulations to the new freshmen! Inspiration to you, good luck, that a new step in your life will bring success and joy, may all your aspirations be achieved!

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