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Entrants must independently calculate the score of the certificate

Graduates of schools that will enter higher education institutions this year must independently calculate the average score of the certificate (certificate) of complete general secondary education. The relevant explanation was provided by the Ministry of Education and Science.
The department draws the attention of applicants and members of the admissions committee to the fact that when applying to a higher education institution – both electronically and in paper form – the graduate must calculate the average score of the certificate. The admission commissions of higher education institutions will check the correctness of the calculation.

The average score of the certificate must be calculated on a 12-point scale rounded to the nearest tenth.

The score is calculated as the arithmetic mean of all grades specified in the appendix to the certificate (invariant part, variable part, state final certification).

Items for which the entry “released (a)” is recorded are not included in the total number.

However, if the appendix to the certificate still indicates the average score, it is necessary to check and find out whether it is calculated according to the correct method. If the score is calculated according to the wrong method, the entrant must calculate the score according to the correct method and indicate it when submitting applications.

In the case of electronic applications, the entrant must indicate the average score in the personal account. If he then finds an error in the calculation, he will be able to correct it himself before submitting the first application.


According to the portal Освіта.ua