Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Educational practice of students of the Institute of Technical Service

At the Department of Materials Technology by the curriculum of the specialty 133 Industry Engineering, the internship of first-year students of the Institute of Technical Service continues. The purpose of the practice is to form students’ professional skills and abilities to make independent decisions and perform practical work on processing materials in modern production conditions and mastering by students modern methods of work organization in the field of their future profession.

During the internship, students study and consolidate the basic laws of construction, production, and processing of structural materials by various methods, gain skills and solutions to practical problems based on knowledge of these laws, technological capabilities of metalworking machines of various types, and their kinematic calculations.

Students also perform individual tasks to study the structure and adjustment of metal-cutting machines (lathes, milling, gear cutting, grinding, drilling) for the manufacture of various parts, practically use devices (accessories), and tools used in processing materials with cutting tools.


Head of Practice, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Materials Technology.