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Educational practice of students majoring in 076 “Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities”

The practical component of the educational process occupies a leading place in the training of specialists in entrepreneurship, trade, and exchange activities. In the educational-professional program, it is realized through the acquisition of relevant competencies in practical classes and the process of training and industrial practice. The practice also allows achieving such program learning outcomes as:

-use of basic knowledge of entrepreneurship, trade, and exchange activities and the ability to think critically, analyze and synthesize for professional purposes;

-organization of search, independent selection, high-quality processing of information from various sources for the formation of data banks in the field of entrepreneurship, trade, and exchange activities.

-ability to work in a team, to have skills of interpersonal interaction that allow achieving professional goals;

-critical comprehension of theoretical principles and the ability to apply the acquired knowledge in practical situations and others.

The internship took place from June 29 to July 16, 2021, for students of the specialty under the guidance of a senior lecturer at the Department of Entrepreneurship, Trade, and Exchange Kotko Yana Mykolayivna. It should be noted that students underwent internships and gained experience based on the internship was held in four stages: preparatory with occupational safety classes, acquaintance with the procedure of internships, issuance of tasks, including individual, conducting classes in industrial conditions based on enterprises entrepreneurship and trade, preparation of reports and their evaluation by the head of practice. This year the basis of the internship were: the network “I WANT COFFEE”; trading company LLC “Redding” (store “MEGASPORT”); shopping center “EPICENTER”.

Together with representatives of companies, students discussed the formation of a competitive position in the market, strategies for adapting activities to uncertain market conditions. According to the students, it was interesting to see and evaluate the internal infrastructure of enterprises: warehouses, staffing departments, the department of hr-management, and personnel management. The process of innovative development of the enterprise and its products, assessment of commodity characteristics, assortment, and consumer value was interesting. Employees of the enterprises are also acquainted with the process of employment of graduates of specialty 076 “Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities”, the possibility of career growth.

Each of the students got acquainted in practice with enterprises, their structural departments, the peculiarities of the location of trade sectors, analysis of assortment items and collect the necessary information for individual tasks. The Department of Entrepreneurship, Trade, and Exchange Activities express its gratitude to the heads of companies and their employees for organizing interesting events within the educational practice of 1st and 2nd-year students. Special thanks to the commercial director of Epicenter LLC Nakisko Oleksiy and the manager of the trading hall of Redding LLC (MEGASPORT) – our student Kristina Golovko and the head of the I WANT COFFEE cafe. Students received not only professional knowledge and valuable advice for start-up entrepreneurs, but also nice gifts to remember.


Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities,

Doctor of Economics, Professor Ruslan Levkina