Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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About the department

The Head of the departmentMiroshnyk Oleksandr,doctor of technical sciences Science, Professor
Adress: Kharkiv, Rizdviana street, 19, room. 310.
Тel: (057) 712-52-45

History of department

The Department of Electricity Supply and Energy Management has gone through several stages:

  • in the year of establishment of the faculty (1948) the department “Application, production and distribution of the electric power in agriculture” was created;
  • on the basis of the department the department “Production and distribution of electric energy in agriculture” was created;
  • later the department was named “Electricity supply of agriculture”;
  • since 2010 in connection with the expansion of the department was named “Power Supply and Energy Management”.

    The first head of the department until 1958 was Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor V. Pliuhachov (1914-1972). He was a specialist in the field of electricity supply to agriculture.
In the period from 1958 to 1974 the department was headed by associate professor, Ph.D. Volodymyr Imshenetskyi, who was a talented practitioner and scientist, the founder of the development and application of complete transformer substations, complete 6-10 kV switchgear, distribution network sectioning devices, automatic reserve input devices. V. Imshenetskyi enjoyed great prestige among specialists in rural electrification. With his direct participation as the head of the department and the dean of the faculty of electrification, the first specializations were opened: “Electricity supply of agriculture” and “Application of electricity in agriculture”.
For a long time he worked at the institute as vice-rector for teaching and research. In 1974, the head of the department was elected Ph.D., Professor Semen Rozhavskyi, who directed the efforts of the staff of the department to the modernization of laboratory equipment and the purchase of computer equipment. Rozhavsky SM was a specialist in the field of optimization of rural networks, he owns a number of developments for the balancing of 0.38 / 0.22 kV networks. New computer-related disciplines have been introduced into the curriculum. Practically, the department was the first department of the faculty, which focused the educational process on the widespread use of computer technology.
During the leadership of the department V. Imshenetskyi and S. Rozhavskyi conducted serious scientific work and work on training scientific personnel. The department performed economic and contractual work for hundreds of thousands of rubles, which gave the opportunity to update the material base of the department, develop scientific work and prepare replenishment of scientists.
In 1981 candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor B. Ilchenko was appointed to the position of the head of the department. He was a graduate of the faculty, a scientist in the field of high voltages.
A characteristic feature of educational and methodical work of this period was the expansion of student training in the direction of automation of production processes based on the use of control computers. Simultaneously with the solution of problems related to the reconstruction and expansion of the educational-laboratory and research base of the department, work was carried out to increase the scientific level of the teaching staff, to expand the scope of economic work.
From 2005 to 2013 the department was headed by a graduate of the department, Ph.D., Professor O. Miroshnyk, scientist in the field of power supply. During this time, a laboratory of modern station equipment was established at the department, classes were organized for students of Faculty of advanced training.
From 2013 to 2016, the department was headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor O. Moroz. During this time, there was a significant update of logistics of the department and improving the quality of educational services. According to the results of the competition in 2014, the department took fourth place among the departments of the university.
Since 2016, the department is headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor O. Miroshnyk. intention to carry out activities on “Inspection of engineering systems of buildings” and “Certification of energy efficiency of buildings”. New laboratory stands have been created/p>

Specialties for which the department graduates

141 – Power engineering, electrical engineering and electromechanics

List of disciplines of the department

  • Energy management
  • Energy saving and alternative energy sources
  • Hydraulics
  • Hydrogas dynamics
  • Hydraulics, hydraulic and pneumatic drives/li>
  • Basics of power supply
  • Power supply
  • Energy audit
  • Water supply and drainage in the agro-industrial complex
  • Fundamentals of technical operation, reliability and diagnostics of power equipment
  • Diagnosis, maintenance and repair of automation systems
  • Occupational safety in the field (electrical safety)
  • Automated systems of control and management of energy consumption
  • Electrical installations and power supply systems
  • Energy saving and energy management
  • World trends in electricity development
  • Engineering activities in the maintenance of power equipment and automation
  • Software and hardware control systems in energy
  • Design of power supply systems
  • Economic calculations in energy
  • Quality of electricity supply services to consumers
  • Energy saving and energy management
  • Management in the power industry
  • Management in automated production
  • Methodology and organization of scientific research
  • Software and hardware control systems in energy
  • Information systems and technologies in energy and industrial production
  • Electrical materials. Maintenance of electrical equipment
  • Modeling in energy
  • Energy sources
  • Power plants and substations
  • Relay protection
  • Power grids and systems
  • Operation of power equipment and automation
  • CAD of electrical installations
  • Transients in power supply systems
  • Electrical networks and systems
  • Fundamentals of technical operation and reliability of power equipment
  • Technical operation and diagnostics of power equipment

Scientific activity of the department

   Employees of the department regularly take part in exhibitions, conferences and thematic seminars of city, regional, state levels on energy and resource conservation, as well as the use of non-traditional and renewable power sources.
The international scientific-practical conference “Problems of energy supply and energy saving in the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine” is held annually.
Teachers of the department prepare students to participate in methodological forums, student conferences, competitions, conduct educational talks, participate with students in sports, social and social events, attend specialized exhibitions and events.

     On the basis of the department advanced training of engineering and technical workers of regional electric power companies of Ukraine (license of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine AB № 552285) is carried out. The department organized 72-hour training courses in 13 programs. There is also advanced training of chairmen and members of examination commissions of energy companies on a 40-hour program and training of PPEM dispatchers on a 10-hour program with the use of computer simulators.

The main directions of scientific research of the department

  • Development of methods and means to increase the efficiency of control of modes and transport of electric energy in electric networks with the use of Smart Grid technology.
  • Development of methods and means to increase the efficiency of control modes and transport of electricity in power grids.
  • Development of methods and technical means to increase the energy efficiency of technological means.
  • Development of modern scientific bases, methods and techniques of organization of the system of diagnostics of electric equipment of agrarian and industrial complex.

International activity of the department (participation in international projects)

  • International activity of the department (participation in international Cooperation with foreign partners to increase the reliability of electrical equipment (theoretical part, Professor Kryvtsov V. – USA), Professor Hurevych V. – Israel)
  • Cooperation with Modus (software for energy).
  • Cooperation with Novotest Sistema (communication equipment for PLC – data transmission).
  • Cooperation with the Moldovan Academy of Sciences.
  • Cooperation with the Polish Academy of Sciences).

Names of structural laboratories of the department

  • “Relay protection and automation”
  • “Operation and repair of electrical equipment”
  • “High voltage technology”
  • “Electricity supply of agriculture”
  • “Electrical materials”
  • “Information systems”
  • “Hydraulics, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment”

Name of the head of the structural laboratory

  • Tobert Liia