Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Research Activities

Research topics of teachers of the Department:

  • philosophy of communication, philosophical and sociological understanding of the issues of the day;
  • questions of humanization and humanization of higher education;
  • the phenomenon of tourism in economic, philosophical and historical aspects;
  • innovative development of the tourism, recreational complexes of Ukraine and the world, tourism local history, development of green rural tourism;
  • theory of communication, philosophy of science;
  • pedagogy and theoretical and methodological foundations for the development of students; social maturity in the educational process, history of political repression in Ukraine; political system of modern Ukraine, matter of national security and its political and historical understanding, political life of Kharkiv region during the Revolution and the civil war 1917–1921;
  • history of agricultural education in Ukraine, history of KhIMEA-KhNTUA;
  • history of Slobozhanshchina;
  • bibliography, information technology, social communications; economic history, trade and consumption history;
  • introduction of gender approaches in education, implementation of gender policy; psychological support of the pedagogical process.

Scientific research is carried out in the Department «Consumption in early Soviet Ukraine: male, female and child dimensions» (Supported by the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian studios).

Teachers of the Department take part in the implementation of State programs of the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine: «Rehabilitated by History. Kharkiv region» («About rehabilitation of victims of political repression in Ukraine») and «Memory book».

The Department annually holds the International scientific-methodical conference «Slobozhansky humanities» and the All-Ukrainian interdisciplinary scientific-practical conference of students and young scientists «Current issues in contemporary social and humanitarian knowledge» publication of scientific publications.

The Department works fruitfully:

  • Scientific student historical-political debating club «Dialogue» on the discussion of current historical-political issues of modernity;
  • Student permanent philosophical methodological seminar «Eidos»;
  • Student scientific group «Nation, statehood, patriotism».

Students under the guidance of teachers of the Department take part in scientific competitions, Olympiads, forums, conferences and win prizes.