Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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John Deere class

In cooperation with the leader of the world tractor construction company John Deere and the official dealer of John Deere in Ukraine – the company AGRISTAR LLC within the functioning of the training center John Deere Training Center A tractor design class has been created.

John Deere Training Center created to increase the effectiveness of preparing students for agribusiness. The main task of the training and research center is to coordinate the training of users of modern foreign technology, service managers, and sales managers. To ensure such training, the university cooperates with the heads of well-known domestic and foreign companies, concerns, and holdings involved in the preparation and implementation of curricula, reorientation of curricula to increase the share of practical components, large-scale implementation of internship programs with further employment of students.

Based on the John Deere class, training sessions are held for graduates of specialties:

  • 208 Agricultural engineering;
  • 274 Road transport;
  • 201 Agronomy;
  • 101 Ecology;
  • 133 Industry engineering;
  • 141 Power engineering, electrical engineering and electromechanics;
  • 151 Automation and computer-integrated technologies. 

Practitioners from AGRISTAR LLC are invited to conduct lectures and practical classes on studying the peculiarities of construction and operation of modern equipment “John Deere”..

Lectures are devoted to precision farming systems, the history of AMS and the capabilities and principle of operation of the network “Starfire” , features of design and operation of receivers “Starfire” , types displays, complete sets of self-propelled equipment “John Deere” and automatic control systems “Auto Trac”.