Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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About the department

Organized in 1931 as the Department of Repair and Technology of Metals as part of the Faculty of Mechanization of Agriculture of the Kharkiv Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture. The founder and first head of the department was a famous Ukrainian scientist in the field of mechanical engineering and design of agricultural machinery, professor, doctor of agricultural sciences, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR Andrii Vasylenko.

Significant creative and organizational contribution to the formation and development of the Department at different stages of its operation was made by professors: Vasiliev S., Tymofieiev P., Yermolov L., Pylypenko M., Poliskyi A., Voitov V.; associate professors: Pedchenko I., Redozub M., Hrebeniuk S., Apalkov V., Tatarintsev M., Isichenko I., Hlaziev M., Lebid P., Karpusenko V., Trydub A., Sherzhukov I.H., head of laboratory Yankovskyi V. and others.

The first head of the department Andriy Vasylenko is a professor, doctor of agricultural sciences, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR

The department is one of the leading, basic departments of the university and participates in the process of training applicants for the higher education of educational and qualification levels bachelor, specialist, master in “Industrial Engineering”, “Agricultural Engineering”, “Forestry” in educational programs “Agricultural Machinery and Equipment”. production and technical service “,” Processes, machines and equipment of agro-industrial production “,” Wheeled and tracked vehicles, dealership, and supply of fuels and lubricants “, as well as” Equipment for processing and food production “.

The following disciplines are taught at the department


SubjectsInstitute where the discipline is readCourseSpecialtyLecturer

1Metals and welding in constructionESI TS3192 Construction and civil engineeringBantkovskyi V.A.,

Tikhonov O.V.

2Technological systems of repair productionESI TS4,


133 Industry engineeringSidashenko O.,

Tikhonov O.,

Avtukhov A.

3Specialized rolling stockESI TS4133 Industry engineeringHoncharenko O.O.
4Production logistics of mechanical engineering and product restoration processesESI TS2 accelerated133 Industry engineeringKolpachenko N.,

Avetisian V.,

Bantkovskyi V.

5Design of production processes and enterprisesESI TS1 master’s degree133 Industry engineeringRomanchenko V.,

Bantkovskyi V.,

Avetisian V.

Fundamentals of tribologyESI TS1 master’s degree133 Industry engineeringRybalko I.
6Project management in mechanical engineeringESI TS2 master’s degree133 Industry engineeringKolpachenko N.,

Sidashenko O.,

Avetisian V.

7Energy and material-saving technologies and equipmentESI TS2 master’s degree133 Industry engineeringTikhonov O.,

Sidashenko O.

8Discipline on professional orientation: “Efficiency of using and optimization of technologies of repair production”ESI TS1 master’s degree133 Industry engineeringTikhonov O.
9Automated design of technological systems for repair productionESI TS2 master’s degree133 Industry engineeringRomanchenko V.
10Repair of vehiclesESI MMS2 accelerated274 Road transportHoncharenko O.
11Modern methods of restoring partsESI MMS1 master’s degree274 Road transportLuzan S.O.
12Car repairESI MMS1 master’s degree208 Agricultural engineeringMartynenko O.,

Sidashenko O.

13Installation, diagnostics and repair of the equipment of Processing of Food ProductionsESI FP4,

2 accelerated

133 Industry engineeringMartynenko O.,

Saichuk O.

14Systems of technologies of agrotech service enterprisesESI TS1 accelerated133 Industry engineering,

076 Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities

Saichuk O.,

Kolpachenko N.

15Economics of machine-building enterpriseESI TS4,

2 accelerated

133 Industry engineeringKolpachenko N.

Bantkovskyi V.

16Automated design of technological processesESI TS2 accelerated133 Industry engineeringRybalko I.,

Manilo V.

17Fundamentals of device and equipment designESI TS4,

2 accelerated

133 Industry engineeringTikhonov O.,

Rybalko I.

18Corrosion protection in mechanical engineeringESI TS2 accelerated133 Industry engineeringHoncharenko O.,

Martynenko O.

19The use of special machines in the production systems of enterprisesESI TS2 accelerated133 Industry engineeringHoncharenko O.
20Electrical equipment of vehiclesESI TS4133 Industry engineeringAvtukhov A.
21Surface engineeringESI TS1 master’s degree133 Industry engineeringLuzan S.
22Nanotechnologies in mechanical engineering and research methodologyESI TS1 master’s degree133 Industry engineeringSkoblo T.,

Rybalko I.

23Substantiation and improvement of details restoration technologiesESI TS1 master’s degree133 Industry engineeringLuzan S., Sidashenko O.
24Technical service of vehiclesESI MMS1 master’s degree274 Road transportHoncharenko S.
25Car repairESI MMS4,

2 accelerated

208 Agricultural engineeringMartynenko O.,

Sidashenko O.

Textbooks, manuals, monographs, reference books, and terminological dictionaries are developed by teachers of the department, widely known and authoritatively recognized in the educational environment of both Ukraine and CIS countries. Over the past 25 years, teachers of the department have prepared 7 textbooks, 20 textbooks, 4 reference books, 2 terminological dictionaries, and 6 monographs.

The department has 12 teaching and research laboratories and classrooms, 2 specialized computer rooms, with a total area of ​​1110 square meters. meters, equipped with modern technological, computer and multimedia equipment. The department has created and effectively used both in the educational process and for research, laboratories of laser heat treatment and processing of parts, plasma and gas-thermal surface treatment, repair of basic machine parts, metallographic research, non-destructive methods of quality control of new and refurbished parts. The main areas of research conducted by teachers of the department are the development of advanced methods of restoring machine parts; engineering of working surfaces, including with the using of nanotechnologies; increasing the reliability of components and units; development of scientific and methodological bases and standards, as well as rational forms of organization of production processes for the manufacture and repair of mechanical engineering products. Research and applied developments of the staff of the department were awarded such awards as “State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology” (1994), “Diamond Star of the International Institute of Marketing” (1994, 1995, 1997) – Sidashenko O., Skoblo T., “Prize of the President of Ukraine among young scientists” (2003) – Saychuk O., Vlasovets V., Naumenko A., Ivashchenko S., “Prize of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine among young scientists in the field of basic and applied research and scientific-technical developments for 2015. ” – Rybalko I., Pasko N., Plugatarev A. In 2017, Rybalko I. Kharkiv Regional State Administration awarded a nominal scholarship in the field of science and technology named after Oleksiy Sokolovsky (in agricultural sciences) for significant achievements in the field of science.