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Project (winter school) “MEDIA: communications and technologies”

We invite you!

Department of Marketing and Media Communications of KhNTUSG together with the Association of Marketers of Ukraine is organizing a winter school “MEDIA: Communications and Technologies”. Classes will be conducted by certified trainers. At the end of the course, all participants receive certificates. Are waiting for you!

Format – online (Google Meet platforms, Zoom)

Registration and detailed information –


Key features of the project (winter school) “Media: communications and technology”:

  1. Prepare students – future marketers who have the tools of media analytics, understand the strategies of digital and visual communications, as well as create quality content for strong and recognizable brands.
  2. Students will learn to segment and research target audiences and apply knowledge to build effective communications for social and behavioral change.
  3. The project offers an in-depth study of visual and digital media, PR and strategic communications, media relations.
  4. Participation in this project will allow students to form their own value and analytical foundation, including critical thinking, originality of ideas, reputation management, emotional intelligence, etc.
  5. The project provides a harmonious combination of the theoretical base with practice, training under the guidance of certified trainers, and the direct involvement of students in the implementation of communication projects.