Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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About the department

The Department of Marketing and Media Communications was established on September 2, 2019, to strengthen the scientific and practical training of specialists in the specialty 075 “Marketing”. During the year of its existence, the department, thanks to the fruitful work of the team, took a place in the top three in the university ranking!


The Department of Marketing and Media Communications recruits students for two programs:

  1. Educational-professional program “Marketing” specialty 075 “Marketing” at the first (bachelor’s) and second (master’s) levels of higher education. Competitive offers: ЄMarketing”, “Marketing of innovations”, “Advertising business and media communications”, “Marketing technologies”
  2. Educational and professional program “Business Analytics and Communications” specialty 051 “Economics” at the first (bachelor’s) level of higher education. Bid: Business Analytics and Communications

The main disciplines assigned to the department: marketing; marketing strategies; marketing policy of the enterprise; marketing management; international marketing; strategic marketing; anti-crisis marketing; advertising management; brand management; marketing psychology; consumer behavior; marketing communications; media communications and marketing partnership; innovation marketing; Marketing researches; marketing in industries; marketing support of projects; information campaigns in marketing; digital marketing and sales technologies; modern management theories and market relations; market technologies and business analytics; competitiveness of the enterprise, etc.

Currently, the department has 7 teachers, including 2 doctors of sciences, professors and 4 candidates of sciences, associate professors

The main direction of scientific work of the department: “Strategic management and mechanisms for implementing the latest marketing tools to ensure the competitive development of business entities: theoretical and practical aspects”

Traditionally, the department is the organizer of the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Modern Marketing: Strategic Management and Innovative Development” to discuss problems and find relevant solutions to ensure the development of marketing activities through the use of the latest tools of management systems and technologies. Teachers of the department are co-organizers of conferences of other free economic zones, members of editorial boards of scientific journals, and editors-in-chief in publications of collective monographs not only in Ukraine but also abroad (Poland, Slovakia)

The department has a scientific circle: “Creative Marketing Lab-Hub” , participation in which helps students, starting from the first year of study at the university, to gain knowledge in the chosen specialty, as well as promotes active participation of students in scientific conferences, competitions, seminars, etc.

The Department of Marketing and Media Communications is actively engaged in practical training of future specialists – marketers through the involvement of employers (during the existence of the department concluded 5 agreements on cooperation with enterprises of Kharkiv region)

To provide the educational process with the latest tools and modern teaching technologies , teachers of the department constantly take part in domestic and foreign internships, seminars, training for professional development in the field of vocational education.



Marketer Marketer is one of the most promising, most popular and most prestigious professions at the present stage of development of the labor market of any country.

The uniqueness of marketers lies in their versatility and versatility. Studying a full range of basic economic and professionally-oriented disciplines (related to market research, product policy formation, pricing, communication and promotion policy formation, product distribution and sales policy management, project management, international activities, etc.),
Marketers are important “players” for today’s market: They know what consumers need; understand how profitable it is to sell a product; can increase the company’s profits through the use of modern tools of the latest marketing management systems