Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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About the department

     The Department of Integrated Electrical Technologies and Processes (IETP) was founded in 1994 on the basis of the Department of Electricity Application in Agriculture, headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor Romanchenko M.

   A significant contribution to the formation of the department were made by its head, Ph.D., Professor Kundenko M., Ph.D., Professor Zhyla V., Ph.D., Professor Romanchenko M., Ph.D. , Professor Kuryshev V., Ph.D., Prof. Slesarenko A., Ph.D., prof. Cherepnov A., Ph.D., Assoc. Liashenko H., Ph.D., Assoc. Soroka O., Ph.D., Assoc. Havrylov P., art. off Rumiantsev O., art. off Zhurenko Ye., Ph.D. Mahda V., Ph.D. Musiienko Yu., St. teacher Shynkarenko I., head. lab. Raiter O.

     The efforts of the team were aimed at: modernization and unification of educational and laboratory equipment, introduction of new pedagogical technologies, advanced teaching methods that would ensure the organization of a full-fledged educational process. Teachers of the department pay considerable attention to updating the methodological support of academic disciplines in order to achieve the proper quality of training of bachelors and masters, who would be able to freely navigate in their professional activities, taking into account the new economic conditions of management..

     Relations with specialists-producers are also filled with real cases through the advisory service initiated by the rector’s office of KhNTUSG named after Petro Vasylenko, and direct cooperation of teachers of the department with the teams of basic farms of Kegychiv and Novovodolazk districts of Kharkiv region (branches of the department) and other regions of Ukraine.

     A circle of scientific creativity works at the department. 3-5 year students have the opportunity to deepen special knowledge and gain practical skills in diagnostics and repair of video and audio equipment used in telemechanical systems for automatic control of technological processes at production facilities and in everyday life.

To partially or completely solve the problems of the national economy of Ukraine, scientists of the department are looking for modern promising ways to research and develop energy-efficient environmentally friendly electrical systems that actively affect livestock and crop production.