Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Research activities

The research activity of the department of equipment and engineering of processing and food productions is directed on the research of organizational-technical and technological bases of increase of efficiency of storage and processing of products of a vegetable and animal origin in the conditions of modern forms of development of innovative models of agroindustrial production. :

  • scientific substantiation of energy-saving technologies and development of equipment for separation, drying, and storage of grain;
  • scientific substantiation of technological processes of flour-milling production;
  • development of energy-saving technologies and equipment for grain grinding;
  • scientific substantiation of technological processes, development of equipment for extraction and filtration of vegetable oil.

The department developed and proposed for implementation:

  • small universal complex for the production of flour and cereals;
  • multi-tiered impact separator for seed separation by elastic properties without energy consumption for the separation process;
  • gyration separator for separation of seed heap.

Priority areas of research of the department are: conceptual principles of construction and operation of mechanisms to increase the economic efficiency of agricultural enterprises in the direction of processing and storage of agricultural products, development of recommendations for intensification of processing and food production, development of new technologies in processing and storage of agricultural products.

Over the past five years, the teaching staff of the department has published 15 monographs, 240 scientific articles (of which 13 – abroad), 27 textbooks, 34 patents, 93 guidelines for laboratory work.

The most significant among the scientific publications of the department are the following works:

  • Hurskyi P., Bohomolov O., Denysenko S., Ivashchenko S., Tokolov Yu., Sherstiuk V., Zaika V., Luk‘ianov I., Kis V. Air conditioning and refrigeration of processing and food industries / Textbook /. 2019. – 256 p.
  • Bohomolov O., Sherstiuk V., Shapovalenko O., Hurskyi P., Mikhailiuk A., Zaika V. Occupational safety at grain storage and processing enterprises / Textbook / LLC “PLANETA PRINT” – Kharkiv: KNTUA. 2018. – 236 p.
  • Pertsevyi F., Hurskyi P., Obozna M., Bidiuk D., Technology of cheese product frozen with peanut kernel concentrate / Monograph / – Sumy: University book. 2017 – 158 p.
  • Hurskyi P., Pertsevyi M., Bidiuk D., The technology of cheese structured semi-product with the use of gelatin (Monograph). – Sumy: SNAU, 2016. – 155 p.
  • Pertsevyi F., Hurskyi P., Tereshkin O., Yancheva M., and others. Industrial technologies for processing meat, milk and fish. / Textbook / INCOS. – Kyiv, 2014 – 340 p.
  • Hurskyi P., Pertsevyi F., Prasol D., та ін. The monograph. Technologies of snack pastes on the base of lactic acid curd. –Kyiv: NULES. 2013. – 168 p.
  • Bohomolov O. Monograph. Separation of hard-to-separate bulk mixtures. –Kharkiv: TOV Planeta, 2013. – 296 p.
  • Bohomolov O., Hurskyi P., Denysenko S., Sherstiuk V., and others. Workshop on the discipline “Operation and maintenance of machines for processing and food production” / Textbook, 2013. – 286 p.

The department has a scientific school “Development of innovative technologies and equipment for storage and processing of grain”, Ph.D., Professor Bohomolov O.

Every year since 2001, the Department holds an International Scientific and Practical Conference “Modern directions of technology and mechanization of processing and food production.”

Over the past five years, the department has been cooperating with various research organizations and educational institutions:

  • NSC “Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture”;
  • Leonid Pogorily Ukrainian Research Institute for Forecasting and Testing of Machinery and Technologies for Agricultural Production;
  • Institute of Plant Breeding NAASU. V.Ya. St. George;
  • Institute of Vegetable and Melon NAASU;
  • Luhansk National Agrarian University;
  • Lviv National Agrarian University;
  • Odessa State Agrarian University;
  • Poltava State Agrarian Academy;
  • Sumy National Agrarian University;
  • Tavriya State Agrotechnological University;
  • Kharkiv National Agrarian University named after V. Dokuchaev.

The department has an extensive network of international relations . Teachers of the department maintain close working relations with colleagues from universities in Germany, Poland and Denmark. Teachers of the department undergo internships in Germany and Denmark.

The department takes an active part in the work of international events that address current issues regarding publications in international peer-reviewed scientific journals organized by the International Office of the Fulbright Program in Ukraine; attend master classes of certified trainers on the study of analytical tools of the Web of Science platform. New information technologies are actively used in the organization of the educational process.

The Department of Equipment and Engineering of Processing and Food Production also conducts research work of students, which is implemented in the form of functioning of the Student Scientific Society.

In recent years, students of the Department of Equipment and Engineering of Processing and Food Production have prepared for publication more than 100 works.