Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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About department

The Department of Cybernetics is one of the departments of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Processing and Food Production.

The Department of Cybernetics was founded in 1990 and was called “Computer Science and Mathematical Modeling on a Computer”. In 1994, in connection with the reorganization of the institute, assigning it to the status of a university, and the emergence of new faculties, the department was renamed the Department of Cybernetics.

Since the establishment of the department is headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Applied Radio Electronics Valeriy Putyatin.

Megel Yu., Rudenko A., Chaly I. worked with him from the very beginning. In different years Furman I., Tymchuk S., Romanov V., Bakeev S. worked at the department.

Currently, the department has 2 professors, 3 associate professors, 2 assistants, the head of the laboratory, and a laboratory assistant.

During the years of existence at the department, 15 candidates of sciences and 2 doctors of sciences were prepared.

Priority research areas of the department are the theory of complex systems, mathematical modeling of technological processes, optimization of ecological systems, modeling of biological systems and processes, publishing, printing, and design.

More than forty patents for inventions are devoted to this issue. According to the indicators of inventive activity, the department takes one of the first places at the university. It is safe to say that the Department of Cybernetics with such scientific problems is the only one among agricultural universities in Ukraine.

Lecturers of the department conduct classes in more than 40 disciplines for students of all institutes of KhNTUA, as well as for part-time students and foreign students of the preparatory department.

Under the guidance of teachers of the department, university students performed at the city, regional and national competitions in computer science and programming.

Every year the teachers of the department take part in 20 and more scientific conferences, publish about 30 articles, receive 5 patents, publish more than 5 methodical manuals.

Employees of the department are the authors of more than 300 scientific papers, 100 manuals, 5 textbooks (3 of them in a foreign language), and more than 50 patents for inventions.