Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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About the department

The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism was established in 1991. In the system of higher education institutions of Ukraine the department was and remains unique.

About the department


The staff of the department is convinced that the culturological aspect and the disciplines that relay it are an important component of the education of modern specialists. Disciplines of culturological nature have great cognitive potential and to some extent fill the cultural and spiritual vacuum. And here a lot depends on the teacher, he must not only have high professionalism but also be able to think broadly, be erudite, sociable.

Disciplines taught by our department are aimed at forming students’ interest in learning about the culture, history, and language of our people. They instill a humanistic attitude to solving problems of professional and personal nature, teach the rules of language and business etiquette, develop the skills of professional communication.

“History of Ukrainian Culture”;

 “Culturology”, “Ethics and Aesthetics”;

 “World Culture and Art”;

 “Corporate culture”;

 “Image of a modern specialist”;

“Business ethics”;

“Media communications and organization of event events”;

“Excursion studies and museum practice”;

“Cultural Heritage of Ukraine”;

“Socio-cultural service”;

“Organizational culture”;

“Ethics of Entrepreneurship”;

“Leisure organization”;

“Physical Education”.

These disciplines form a broad outlook, analytical and communication skills, inherent in qualified and successful professionals, cultural and spiritual integrity of the individual.

The scientific activity of the department is aimed at conducting scientific research, the participation of teachers in scientific-practical, scientific-theoretical, and international conferences and seminars, training of highly qualified scientists, the involvement of students in scientific work. The teaching staff of the department takes an active part in scientific and methodological activities, cooperates with other departments.

Annually publishes 1-2 Monographs, more than 20 scientific articles, most of which are published in professional scientific journals. The teaching staff annually participates in international conferences.

Among the main areas of work of the department – improving the organization of the educational process, methods, and methodology of teaching disciplines by new regulations, preparation of new curricula, teaching materials for distance learning, as well as finding new effective forms of educational work with students.

The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has a creative laboratory that helps talented young people to realize their creative potential, working in the following teams:

  • “Dzherelo” Theater, which has repeatedly won prizes at city and regional competitions. The theater’s repertoire includes both classical productions and experimental performances;
  • At the initiative of students and teachers, an amateur club “Sand Animation” was created;
  • Kharkiv Press Club School of Practical Journalism and Media Literacy. First-year students majoring in GREEN AND ECOTURISM are happy to attend these classes.

The best graduates receive certificates of socially useful profession:

Leader of an amateur vocal group,

Head of amateur choreographic team,

Directed by an animator.

The department closely cooperates with the student club of the university, the teachers of the department are the authors of ideas and the first directors of such wishes as:

  • Miss University;
  • “Style, fashion, beauty”;
  • Debut of a freshman;
  • Kiss-Pig KVN Festival;
  • All-Ukrainian festival “Sofia Stars”;
  • Dedication to students

and other.

Traditionally, the department introduces students to the theatrical and cultural life of the city. Organizes students of all ESI KhNTUA to cultural and educational events. Students annually attend more than 100 performances and tours.

The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism is young and powerful!

Our activity is the revival of national culture, overcoming the problem of spirituality of the individual and the humanization of education.