Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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About the department


The Department of Biomedical Engineering and Theoretical Electrical Engineering belongs to the Educational and Scientific Institute of Energy and Computer Technologies of Kharkiv Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture.

The department was founded in 1930 during the organization of Kharkiv Institute of Mechanization of Agriculture. It was called “Department of Electrical Engineering and Electricity Utilization in Agriculture” and was the part of the Faculty of Mechanization of Agriculture.

Professor E. Vinogradov headed the department. The main scientific activity of E. Vinogradov was related to the development of electric thermal pasteurizers for liquid products. In 1948, the department became the part of the Faculty of Electrification of Agriculture, which was opened that year, and became known as “Electrical Engineering and Electric Drive”. With a short break (1937 – 1941 – the head of the department was Ph.D., Professor V. Kiyanitsa), Professor E. Vinogradov headed the department until 1967. In different years, the department was headed by senior lecturer V. Plakhotnikov (1967 – 1969);  Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor O. Korotkova (1970 – 1976); – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor L. Kuchin (1976 – 1989); from 1989 to 2009 the department was headed by Ph.D., associate professor Yu. Sverhun.

Since 2009 the position of the Head of the Department is occupied by Ph.D., Professor N. Kosulina.

In 2018, in connection with the opening of  specialty 163 “Biomedical Engineering”, the Department of Technotronics and Theoretical Electrical Engineering was named “Biomedical Engineering and Theoretical Electrical Engineering”.

Associate Professor I. Dinabursky, Senior Lecturer R. Pyasik, Senior Lecturer P. Savchenko, Associate Professor B. Ivanov, Assistant I. Bilash, Senior Lecturer O. Yasko, Associate Professor O. Korotkova, Associate Professor O. Luchinskyi, Professor R. Filipov, Professor L. Kuchin, Associate Professor Z. Zotova, Associate Professor G. Balan, Senior Lecturer O. Shcherbakov, Senior Lecturer S. Cherevishchenko, Senior Lecturer S. Moroz worked at the department and made a significant contribution to the development of the teaching-methodological, research and production base of the department in different years.

Graduation specialties

  • 141 – Power engineering, electrical engineering and electromechanics
  • 163 – Biomedical engineering


  • theoretical foundations of electrical engineering
  • industrial electronics
  • instrumentation and metrology
  • electromagnetic field theory
  • electrical engineering and electronics
  • modeling of biological objects
  • biocompatible materials
  • systems of medical rehabilitation of biological objects
  • systems of biomedical rehabilitation
  • electromagnetic compatibility
  • information electromagnetic technologies in agrarian and industrial complex and others

Research activities

  • Theoretical analysis of power distribution of asymmetric three-phase dynamic load in different modes of line operation at input non-sinusoidal load
  • Development of principles and methods of creation of environmentally friendly technologies for increasing the yield of agricultural crops based on the influence of the magnetic field
  • Application of physical factors for primary processing of agricultural raw materials used in industry
  • Application of bioelectromagnetics in solving priority problems of medicine and agriculture
  • Electromagnetic and acoustic technologies and devices for the initial treatment and disinfection of wool
  • Electromagnetic technologies and devices for acting on microbiological livestock objects
  • Impulse electromagnetic technologies and devices for killing insect pests in agricultural production
  • Electromagnetic technologies and technical systems for the treatment of animals
  • Methods and devices for diagnostics of biological objects of animal husbandry and plant growing
  • Electromagnetic technologies and technical systems for improving the productivity of biological plants

Structural laboratories

  • Laboratory of Theoretical Basics of Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics Laboratory
  • Control and Measuring Equipment and Metrology Laboratory
  • Electrical Engineering Laboratory
  • Biomedical Engineering Laboratory

Head of the structural laboratory

  • Tetiana Diakova