Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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At the Department of Economics and Marketing of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Business and Management from 01.02 to 12.02. In 2021 there was a training (introductory) practice “Organization of the economic service of the enterprise” for students of the group EP20-bstn specialty 051 “Economics”. Head of practice Ph.D. senior lecturer Kravchenko Yuliia.

The purpose of educational practice is to acquaint students with the features of the future profession, its content, and objectives of economic activity, determining the role of the economist in the modern enterprise, the peculiarities of the organization of training in economics.

During the internship, students mastered the system of skills and acquired practical skills in solving typical problems; got acquainted with the peculiarities of the organization of educational, research, independent and educational work in universities, institutes and at the graduating department; agreed on the peculiarities of the functioning of the latest innovative and computer technologies, methods of intensifying learning during lectures, seminars, workshops, current and final control of knowledge, state certification of the quality of student training; got an idea of ​​the place and role of a specialist in business economics; identified the importance of computer technology in providing sound practical skills in training; got acquainted with the qualification requirements and the main types and content of the specialist.

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