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Congratulations on the award of academic scholarships

Irina Romanashenko, a first-year master’s student at the Institute of BML Group OA 20-4m, majoring in 071 “Accounting and Taxation”, was awarded an academic scholarship by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and fourth-year students at the Institute of BML Group OA 17-5b, specialty 071 “Accounting, and Taxation”, were awarded an academic scholarship to Maryna Romanishenko. President of Ukraine. Relevant documents were published by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

It is very gratifying that at the state level the successes of our students are marked, which they demonstrate in their studies, research work, and public life of the university.

We would like to note that Iryna Romanashenko is a member of the student council of the Institute of BML and the head of the group, is a member of the student parliament of the university, and her sister is the chairman of the student parliament of the university and is a member of the Kharkiv regional student council. In addition, Maryna Romanashenko was recently elected Deputy Chairman of the Joint Council of Student Self-Government of Agrarian Higher Education Institutions of Ukraine. She is actively involved in scientific work, regularly participates in international scientific conferences, is one of the organizers of cultural events at the university and in Kharkiv.

We sincerely congratulate Irina and Marina Romaneshenko on these achievements and wish them good health and new achievements in education and research!

Rectorate, trade union committee of KhNTUA,

Student Council of the Institute of BML.