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Completion of internships for students of the Department of Accounting and Auditing

This is the end of the second stage of production practices 2020-2021 academic year. 2nd and 3rd-year students majoring in 071 “Accounting and Taxation” and 072 “Finance, Banking, and Insurance”. This year the bases of practices were: PJSC “Industrial Insurance Company” (Kharkiv), LLC “Audit Firm” Factor-Audit “(Kharkiv), SE” Koryukivske Forestry “Koryukivskyi district of Chernihiv region, PJSC” Insurance Company ” Arsenal Insurance ”(Kharkiv), PJSC“ Balakliya Bread Receiving Enterprise ”(Balakliya, Kharkiv Region), PE“ Aspect-Audit ”(Kharkiv), Lipkovaty Agrarian College of Novovodolazhsky District, Kharkiv Region, etc.

According to the curriculum, full-time students undergo various types of practice. Thus, 2nd-year students majoring in 071 “Accounting and Taxation”  “Bachelor” are in industrial practice in primary accounting, 3rd year – in integrated industrial practice (financial accounting and tax system). The internship of 2nd-year students majoring in 072 “Finance, Banking and Insurance”   “Bachelor” is provided from finance, and 3rd-year students of the same specialty complete a comprehensive internship (enterprise finance, tax system, insurance, and banking).

The heads of production internships from the Department of Accounting and Auditing throughout the internship regularly provided informational support to students during the internship, helped to solve current issues related to the stay of students in enterprises, organizations, firms, etc. Under the conditions of quarantine restrictions, meetings with trainee students took place online.

At the end of the school year, the teachers responsible for the internships held online meetings with the interns and answered many of their questions, which concerned, first of all, the procedure for drawing up a diary of practice, written report on the practice, its submission to the department for review and defense. Students received comprehensive answers to all questions from the heads of production practices.

We hope that the practical knowledge, professional skills, and abilities acquired in the workplace will be useful to our students not only in their studies but also in their professional activities in the future. We wish students inspiration in writing a report on the results of practice and their further successful defense.

The Head of the Department of Accounting and Auditing T. Marenych