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A meeting of the scholarship commission was held

On January 6, 2021, at 10.00 a meeting of the scholarship commission of the university took place on-line. The meeting was chaired by a leading specialist of the educational department Liudmyla Sorokina, where issues related to the appointment of academic and social scholarships were considered.

Directors of educational and research institutes and the dean of the faculty of technical service reported on the ranking lists for scholarships for students.

According to the decision of the Academic Council of December 22, the protocol № 6 scholarship fund is determined in the amount of 44% of the total number of budget places for specialties and courses.

The size of the minimum ordinary scholarship is 1,300 hryvnias per month, the size of the scholarship for special academic achievements has been increased to 1,892 hryvnias per month. Increased academic scholarships are set for the following specialties: 133 “Industrial Engineering”, 141 “Electric Power, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics”, the minimum ordinary scholarship is UAH 1,600 per month, and the amount of scholarship for special academic achievements is UAH 2,416 per month; the amount of the academic scholarship of the President of Ukraine from 2100 hryvnias to 2720 hryvnias per month; the size of the academic scholarship established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 2200 hryvnias to 2480 hryvnias per month. ( About the size of scholarships in state and municipal institutions, research institutions).

There are working groups in each NIS and faculty, which must include representatives of student government, who, together with the NIS and faculty management, consider recommendations for increasing scholarships and approve additional points and ranking lists for providing additional points to individual students. Additional points are awarded for active participation in scientific and educational work (talent, sports achievements, active participation in amateur art, etc.) then, representatives of the Student Parliament of the University report the results at a meeting of the scholarship commission. Which includes 50% of students.

The decision to award academic and social scholarships was made unanimously.

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