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In the former Zolochiv district of the Kharkiv region (now Bogudukhiv district), almost half of all heads of farms and agricultural enterprises are graduates of our university and still maintain a warm and friendly relationship with them. We recently wrote about one of such graduates, Anatolii Tsylyuryk, who is the Tsylyuryk peasant farm’s founder and head of the council of agricultural producers of Zolochiv region: see “WE WERE TAUGHT TO BE HUMANS …” At the same time, during Anatoliy Vasyliovych’s meeting with university representatives, he invited them to visit his farm and meet with the management of Zolochiv United territorial community to discuss possible ways of cooperation in training qualified personnel.

And such a meeting took place on Zolochiv land. The first vice-rector of KhNTUA M. Lysychenko, Associate Professor of Agrotechnology and Ecology A. Gorbanyov, and the head of the Center for Practice, Employment and Career of Student Youth P. Syromyatnikov met with the chairman of Zolochiv United territorial community V. Kovalenko and the already mentioned chairman of the council of agricultural producers A. Tsilurik. There was no lack of common topics for discussion, but the main one was the topic of training and retraining for the agricultural sector of the Zolochiv region.

As the first vice-rector of KhNTUA M. Lysychenko emphasized it. This is because due to the change of ownership and reform of the agar industry in recent decades, state control over the training of personnel for this industry has been lost. Therefore, there are representatives of the older generation of engineers and technicians, as well as young people who do not yet have relevant experience in many farms and agricultural enterprises. In this regard, our university has developed a conceptual project to restore the personnel balance in rural areas of the Kharkiv region and proposes to implement it at the level of new districts and united territorial communities. This project should primarily involve local governments, institutions of secondary and vocational education, as well as farmers interested in training qualified personnel for their farms. In fact, we are talking about the formation of a regional order for training for the agro-industrial complex of the Kharkiv region, but on a new basis and in new realities.

As reported by M. Lysychenko, the university proposes to start the project with Zolochiv United territorial community, and then other districts and communities will be involved in it according to their specifics and needs.

Chairman of Zolochiv United territorial community V. Kovalenko supported the proposed approaches and said that the community he heads is already cooperating in this direction with several Kharkiv universities. So, he sees no obstacles to signing a cooperation agreement with our university. A draft of such an agreement is currently being developed and, after agreeing on all the details, will be submitted to stakeholders for discussion.

It will be recalled that on June 13, 2021, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution “On the state order for the training of specialists, scientific, scientific-pedagogical and labor personnel, for advanced training and retraining in 2021.” In particular, the mentioned resolution increased the state order for training specialists in the specialties 201 Agronomy, 204 Technology of production and processing of livestock products, 205 Forestry, 208 Agroengineering, and others.

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