Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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July 2 students majoring in 051 Economics together with teachers of the Department of Economics and Marketing Onegina V., Antoshchenkova V., Kravchenko O., Baban T., Kravchenko Yu. within the framework of the program of industrial practice in economics they visited a private agricultural enterprise named after Frunze, located in the village of Berdyanka, Kharkiv region. The enterprise is managed by the real owner – Glyan Ivan. Ivan Danilovich’s youngest daughter is studying at our university. Tatiana Glyan already has two bachelor’s degrees in her portfolio, including in Economics. She is currently studying for a master’s degree.

As part of the introductory practice, our students got acquainted with the history of the enterprise, its structure, areas of activity, and major production achievements. Specialists of the enterprise told about the specifics of their work. In particular, the chief economist of the enterprise spoke about the main competencies of a modern economist; the chief agronomist told about the peculiarities of growing crops; the deputy chief veterinarian of the enterprise told about the peculiarities of animal husbandry.

The students also visited the farm: they saw how pigs and cattle were kept, how milk was collected, and haylage was harvested. We visited the field: we saw modern agricultural machinery at work. They also visited the machine-tractor park of the enterprise. The new Claas combines, like spaceships on wheels, fascinated everyone. And someone was lucky enough to ride on a brand new John Deere tractor.

For students-interns at the enterprise, there are very good conditions: comfortably furnished rooms, modern kitchen, shower room. The hosts hospitably invite students of different specialties to practice. A good end to the tour was a delicious lunch.

Tourists are sincerely grateful to the owners of PSP. Frunze for hospitality and interesting information on the current development of the agricultural sector of Ukraine. We hope that we will visit the Frunze PSP again with new students and be sure to get acquainted with its new achievements.


T. Baban, Associate Professor of Economics and Marketing KhNTUA.