Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Record-keeping department

The Department of Record Keeping of the Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University is an independent structural subdivision of the University, which operates by the University Charter and the Standard Regulations on the Record Keeping Department of the Free Economic Zone. The department of office work coordinates the activity of office work of the university, carries out the management and control over the quality of introduction of documentation of administrative activity and system of organizational and administrative documentation of educational and scientific institutes, faculty, chairs, structural divisions.

 The tasks of the department are:

– registration of orders and instructions at the university and bringing them to the executors;

– storage and use of seals and stamps of the office department, letterheads;

– receiving, processing, and sending e-mails to the university;

– timely processing of received correspondence and outgoing letters, systematic control over the correct execution of documents and deadlines for their implementation;

– providing the structural units of the university with the necessary instructional and reference materials;

– development of instructions on record-keeping, the nomenclature of cases of the record-keeping department;

– compilation of the consolidated nomenclature of affairs of the university;

– organization of mailing orders, instructions of the rector and vice-rectors;

– organization of control over the implementation of administrative documents of higher bodies, university management;

– implementation of management of work on office work in divisions of the university;

– storage and use of documents in current office work;

– certification of documents in the cases provided by the instructions for working with documents;

– registration, registration of business trips and their accounting;

– providing educational and scientific institutes, faculties, departments, and other departments with official forms and exercising control over their proper use;

– conducting and forming cases, storing cases, and transferring them in due time to the university archives;

– submission of postage expense reports to the accounting department;

– converting and sending correspondence;

– receiving parcels and parcels at the post office assigned to the university.

Mehlii Olena

Head of the office department

Alchevskikh street, 44, 2nd floor