Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Transition to a mixed form of education. Order

In connection with the introduction of the “yellow” level in the Kharkiv region
epidemiological danger:

1. 3 12.05.2021р. the educational process for full-time higher education seekers
to organize training according to the mixed form of training.
2. Research and teaching staff, teaching and support staff of departments and
transfer the staff of the directorates of the National Research Institute / Dean’s Office to a mixed mode of operation
3. From May 12, 2021, the educational process shall be carried out in compliance with sanitary and hygienic rules and personal safety measures in accordance with the requirements established during the “yellow” level of epidemiological danger.

ORDER of May 6, 2021, Kharkiv №01-08/131 

Acting Rector,

M.L. Lysychenko