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The National Technopark for Improving the Quality of Education was presented in Kharkiv

Today, June 24, the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Serhiy Shkarlet presented the model of the National Technopark for Improving the Quality of Education during the All-Ukrainian Strategic Session “Education of Ukraine – 30th National Technopark for Improving the Quality of Education” in Kharkiv. The main goal of the event is the transformation of the national education system, the development of the New Ukrainian School, and the provision of quality and affordable education.

The event was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Education, Science and Innovation Serhiy Koleboshyn, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Higher Education Yulia Hryshyna, the leadership of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, Kharkiv Regional Council and City Hall, heads of departments (departments) of education and science. Kyiv city state administrations, rectors (directors) of institutions of higher and postgraduate pedagogical education, and others.

The participants of the session discussed the idea of ​​creating a National Technopark to improve the quality of education and a model of four basic components:

  1. introduction of basic values and competence education into the national educational space;
  2. development of the nation’s intellectual elite;
  3. creating a safe environment for life and health;
  4. transformation of the education management system.

“The new Ukrainian school is a school of learning and competence development. Times are changing and the educational process needs to be adapted to the needs of learners. Therefore, the main, basic component of the National Technopark to improve the quality of education is the introduction of competency education in the educational space, including the functioning of offline and online resources of educational values, radical renewal of training, and support of competent teachers for NUS. Qualitative changes in the training and professional support of teachers, from which the real competence training of students should begin, need to be implemented quickly. The Ministry has developed regulations on pedagogical internships that will help resolve the issue. And it is this component that we have identified as the first in the structure of the technology park, “said Serhiy Shkarlet.

The formation of the nation’s intellectual elite – scientists, researchers, public figures, innovators-entrepreneurs – is another basic component of educational development. According to the Minister, this is the support of future leaders of world science and Hi-tech, the introduction of STEM education, equipping the relevant laboratories, raising the status of the Teacher as a professional elite of the nation.

“The elite must be prepared by the elite. Teachers must really become a professional elite that will prepare an intellectual elite. We have some achievements in this area, the rectors share the experience of each of them. An important activity of pedagogical universities is to strengthen partnerships between communities, businesses, government, which will significantly affect the content, process, and results of professional-pedagogical education. This approach is also in line with the ideas of the technology park, “said the Minister.

He added that first of all, it is necessary to develop practical skills, professional and personal qualities, to create a free space for creativity, to form a scientific worldview from the earliest possible age.

A successful example is the Museum of Science of the Academy of Sciences in Kyiv, opened by the President of Ukraine in 2020. This is a place where you can literally touch science. Such museums are the basis for further involvement of children in the world of science. In addition, the Museum of Mathematics, a center of mathematical education, is being prepared for opening in Kyiv. The Kyiv Museum will be the 4th in the world.

Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Serhiy Shkarlet stressed the importance of creating a safe environment for life and health.

The idea of ​​the technopark includes the following measures:

  • introduction of the Healthy School project, which is one of the components of the Healthy Ukraine program of the President of Ukraine;
  • organization of quality and safe food in all educational institutions;
  • prevention of bullying and cyberbullying;
  • ensuring barrier-free education.

“A healthy school is a healthy nation. The development of health skills begins with the family, but in educational institutions, these skills must find their continuation and development. Creating a safe environment is the main task of every educational institution. We offer to start this work by passing an online self-assessment according to the model “Safe and child-friendly school”. Already 1,087 schools in the country have carried out such work. The level of development of society is assessed by its attitude to people with special needs. A positive example is the opening of inclusive resource centers. If a few years ago there was no such structure in the country, then by 2020 – already 633 inclusive resource centers. Our goal is to ensure real barrier-free education, as stated in the National Strategy, “Serhiy Shkarlet stressed.

The Minister outlined the main directions of transformation of the education management system within the model of the National Technopark to improve the quality of education:

  • functioning of the National School of Reserves of Managers;
  • formation of an effective network of educational institutions for the provision of quality educational services in communities – on the ground this should be approached carefully, taking into account the interests of the community and taking into account values;
  • implementation of public-private partnership in education.

“One of the areas of this component is a public-private partnership – a mechanism used in most successful countries. At its expense, new or modernized existing educational institutions, sports grounds, stadiums are built, modern school scientific laboratories are opened, material and technical support is updated, and so on. We have such examples. That is why combining the efforts of business and the state in education is also the leading idea of ​​the technopark, ”Serhiy Shkarlet emphasized during his speech at the All-Ukrainian strategic session“ Education of Ukraine – 30th National Technopark for Improving the Quality of Education ”.

According to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.