Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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The introductory campaign of 2021 continues

From the very morning near the Admissions Committee of KhNTUA, you can see small groups of people who come here to get advice on this year’s admission to the university. And that’s a good sign. Because most of those who come (mostly this year’s graduates and their parents) have already clearly defined in which university they want to study, and in which specialty. But many nuances are not spelled out in the Terms or the Rules of Admission to Higher Education Institutions in 2021. In addition, every year in these documents there are some changes and innovations that require clarification by experts. This is what the staff of the Admissions Committee is doing together with Executive Secretary Serhii Skofenko. They provide this year’s entrants with both group and individual consultations, and if necessary, conduct career guidance works with them.

Currently, most of the questions of this year’s entrants arise regarding the registration of electronic offices of the entrant and the placement of electronic documents in them. Many entrants and their parents are also interested in calculating the average score of the external evaluation and admission to the budget form of education. On all questions, members of the Admissions Committee provide comprehensive answers and consultations. The work of the Admissions Committee continues in the usual and planned mode.

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