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The government has improved the distribution of state budget expenditures among higher education institutions

To prepare applicants for higher education by state order, the Government has improved the procedure for allocating state budget expenditures on education between higher education institutions. Relevant amendments to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of December 24, 2019№1146 “On the distribution of state budget expenditures between higher education institutions based on indicators of their educational, scientific and international activities” were adopted today, July 7, 2021.

The changes are aimed at improving approaches to the financing of educational services of higher education institutions following the results of their activities to ensure economically rational behavior of higher education institutions and improve the quality of educational services they provide.

In particular, the document introduces:

  • increase in 2021 by 0.1 coefficient of stability for higher education institutions, in which the contingent of persons studying by state order in the specialties of certain defined fields of knowledge (01 “Education / Pedagogy”, 024 “Choreography”, 033 “Philosophy”, 102 “Chemistry”, 104 “Physics and Astronomy”, 111 “Mathematics” and others), is more than 70% or more of the total contingent of persons studying on the terms of the state order;
  • taking into account changes in social standards and the contingent of applicants for higher education institutions when calculating the component stability in the formula for the distribution of state budget expenditures on higher education between higher education institutions;
  • taking into account the employment rate of graduates from 2022 based on employment monitoring based on the results of the place in the ranking list of data on employment of graduates of higher education institutions of state ownership;
  • the possibility of financing the training of applicants for higher education on the terms of the state order in higher education institutions of private ownership;
    establishment of a stability coefficient at the level of no more than 0.8 from 2022.


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