Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Svidlo Karyna

Education and career:


In 1992 she graduated from the Kharkiv Institute of Public Catering with a degree in “Technology and organization of public catering”, received a diploma with honors, and qualified as a technological engineer.

Teaches disciplines: “Health food in the restaurant business”, “Control and management of food quality and safety”, “Scientific modeling”, “Food safety”, “Food technology”, and others.


From December 1992 to September 1995 she studied at the full-time graduate school of the Kharkiv State Academy of Technology and Food Organization. In December 1995 she defended her dissertation on the topic: “Technology of whipped products using sodium carboxymethylcellulose” in the specialty 05.18.16 “Technology of food products”.

In 2016 she defended her doctoral dissertation on the topic: “Scientific substantiation of the use of dietary supplements of plant origin in the technology of culinary products for hereditary purposes” in the specialty 05.18.16 “Food technology”.

Since January 2005 she has been working at the Kharkiv Institute of Trade and Economics of KNTEU, during 2006 – 2018 she headed the dean’s office of the Faculty of Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Business. Since September 2018, he has been working as the Head of the Department of Innovative Food and Restaurant Technologies.

Experience in practical and scientific-pedagogical work is 25 years.

Scientific publications, patents, grants.

Main scientific interests:

management of quality and safety of food products by designing recipes and modeling production technologies;

– dietary supplements for food products of functional, special, and health purposes;

– development of technologies and food rations for different segments of the population.

He is a co-author of seven textbooks and a textbook with the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, with more than 40 patents for inventions and utility models of Ukraine.

He is a diploma winner of the regional competition “Higher School of Kharkiv Region – Best Names” in the nomination “Teacher of Professionally Oriented Disciplines”.


2011 – Diploma of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration and a diploma of the Main Department of Education and Science of Ukraine of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration;

2011 – Diploma of the Main Department of Education and Science of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration;

2012 – an honorary badge of the finalist of the All-Ukrainian competition “Invention of the Year 2011” in the nomination “For the creation of health food products”;

2013 – Alfred Nobel Medal for the development of invention;

2015 – a diploma of the executive committee of the city council.