Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Romanashenko Oleksandr
Associate Professor of department

Romanashenko Oleksandr

Education and career

  • 1980 – graduated from Romensky Agricultural College with a degree in “Agricultural Mechanization”.
    1985 – graduated from the Kharkiv Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture with a degree in “Mechanization of Agriculture”.
    1985 – assistant of the department “Operation of the machine-tractor park”.
    1987 – graduate student of the department “Operation of the machine-tractor park”.
    1990 – assistant of the department “Operation of the machine-tractor park”.
    1998 – 2007 – Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization.
    2000 – senior lecturer of the department “Operation of the machine-tractor park”.
    2007 – Associate Professor of “Operation of Machine and Tractor Park”.
    2007 – 2017 – Deputy Director of the ESI MMS.
    2007 to present associate professor of “Optimization of technological systems named after T. Yevsyukova “.

Research activities

  • “Development of the design and manufacture of a prototype roller-spreader of organic fertilizers”, Agreement Дого 125-2018 dated 01.10.2018 (SE “Experimental Farm of the Institute of Agriculture of the North-East NAAS” and KhNTUA).
  • “Development of agricultural machines for compatible crops (JSC “Elworthy” Red Star and KhNTUA).

Scientific publications, patents, grants

  • Author of more than 230 scientific papers, including 1 monograph published in the United States, 7 copyright certificates, 1 patent, 12 introductions to production.


  • Diploma – Ministry of Education and Science (2008);
  • Honorary Badge “Excellent Technical Service” – Technical Council of the State Technical Supervision of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine (2010);
  • Gratitude – State Institution NMC “Agroosvita” (2013);
  • Gratitude – Department of agro-industrial development of the Kharkiv regional state administration (2014);
  • Gratitude – to the Administration of the Moscow district of the Kharkiv city council (2015).