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Ukrainian-Chinese center/乌克兰中国中心

Ukrainian-Chinese center/乌克兰中国中心

乌克兰哈尔科夫国立农业科技大学与一带一路职教联盟   3+1/3+2计划  2019年

PROGRAM 3 + 1/3 + 2 KhNTUA and the alliance “One way, one belt” 2019


The Ukrainian-Chinese Center organized the programs “3 + 2” and “3 + 1” by the agreement of the alliance of professional education “One way, one belt” in cooperation with the Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University (Ukraine). The program is designed for the nationwide admission of college graduates and for students who


The Ukrainian-Chinese Center and the KhNTUSH in Ukraine jointly applied to the Ministry of Education and authorized Chinese educational institutions to conduct preparatory courses in the Russian language and issue pre-university certificates in China.

Ukrainian-Chinese center/乌克兰中国中心


Currently, the trend of employment in the country, abroad, and in the translation of foreign languages and qualified personnel is in short supply. China is actively developing and promoting the “One Way, One Belt” policy, building up qualified personnel for language courses. Also, the issues of employment of students after graduation have been resolved. Many companies such as Huawei, Xiaomi, and Geely now have branches in Ukraine, in Russia in the CIS countries, and other countries of the world.


After graduation, college students from China face difficulties in finding employment and when passing the exams for a bachelor’s degree, they have difficulties and take a lot of time. Currently, bachelor’s degrees have become the main stage for work


Thanks to this program, Chinese college graduates, after three years of training, will be able to immediately enter the 4th year of the bachelor’s degree, that is, the study in Ukraine for a year and receive a bachelor’s degree. They will also be able to improve their knowledge of foreign languages to get more opportunities.

Ukrainian-Chinese center/乌克兰中国中心



1. “3 + 2” program

College graduates or third-year students enter the Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University or other Ukrainian universities.

In the program, for the first year, students will take preparatory language courses (Russian and specialty subjects). In the second year, they will study in the fourth year for three semesters and then they will receive a bachelor’s degree.

Ukrainian-Chinese center/乌克兰中国中心



2. “3 + 1” program

While studying at a college, that is, in China, students can also use their free time or vacations at certain universities to obtain a certificate in the Russian language. The certificate of completion of the language course is issued by the Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University.

Then, in the last year at KhNTUA or other universities of Ukraine, they will be able to get a bachelor’s degree within one year.


Ukrainian-Chinese center/乌克兰中国中心



Bachelor’s degrees obtained by students in this program are recognized in China. Eligible universities are universities that have been internationally recognized with relevant requirements by the Ministry of Education of China.

Through this program, students can reduce their study time abroad by one year, save money, and provide more opportunities for seven.

I hope we can raise more skilled workers for China, strengthen our social strength, and allow more children to have more opportunities to fulfill their dreams and improve educational conditions in both China and Ukraine.

Ukrainian-Chinese center/乌克兰中国中心