Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Employment promotion

The Directorate of the Institute of MMS is constantly promoting the employment of graduates. To do this, the following is provided:

  • systematic study and analysis of the labor market;
  • establishing feedback with employers; high-quality cooperation with regular customers for graduates of the institution;
  • constant acquaintance of senior students of the institute with the modern labor market and the requirements of employers and specialists in employment;
  • maintenance of qualitative and quantitative statistics of employment of graduates of the institute;
  • search and introduction of new forms of cooperation with employers (holding job fairs, presentations-meetings of representatives of enterprises, organizations and institutions for senior students of the institute, etc.).
  • conducting seminars and consultations (including individual) for senior students on:
    1. self-employed work;
    2. compilation and execution of resumes;
    3. rules of interviews;
    4. rules for conducting interviews concerning behavior and communication style during the interview;
    5. questions that the employer may ask at the interview;
    6. questions that the searcher may ask the employer;
    7. passing the test;
    8. registration with the employment center;
    9. search for addresses of employment websites;
    10. recommendations for the situation when you find yourself without a job.