Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Scientific and practical seminars “Optimal technical and technological solutions in crop production”

On September 20, 2018, with the active participation of the Department of Agro-Industrial Development of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, a scientific-practical seminar was held based on the KhNTUSG training center for farm engineers and farmers on the efficient operation of modern agricultural machinery. in the conditions of the Eastern region of Ukraine “Optimal technical and technological solutions in crop production” with demo demonstrations of equipment. The seminar was held to provide modern knowledge and skills for students of agricultural, technical, and environmental profile. The event was moderated by the director of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Mechatronics and Management Systems Vlasovets Vitalii , who greeted the participants and noted that the holiday is always bright impressions and new experiences, new events and new meetings, and today’s seminar is a combination project theory and practice. The seminar was opened by the rector of KNTUA Nanka Oleksandr and the deputy director of the Department of the agro-industrial development of the Kharkiv regional state administration – the head of the department of agricultural production Panfilov Kostiantyn . He noted that with increasing the efficiency of machinery and the introduction of modern agricultural technologies it is possible to increase grain yields three times.

Oleh Slobodianyk, Director of Agristar LLC, and Frol Kliauz, Director of the Equipment Sales Department, addressed the seminar participants. They shared their plans for the future of the company and agribusiness in general.

The director of the Kharkiv branch of the Ukrainian Farm Support Fund Sviatchenko Maksym acquainted the participants with the state support programs for the purchase of modern agricultural machinery. The head of the department of tractors and cars Lebediev Anatolii noted the importance of creating new specialized classrooms to improve the level of preparation of students, acquaint them with modern agricultural machinery, and conduct research. Deputy Hatsko Anatolii spoke about the need for state support for agribusiness in the purchase of modern equipment.

After the official opening of the first speaker of the seminar, the Deputy Director of the Institute of MMS Shuliak Mykhailo Vice-Rector for Research Melnyk Viktor made a report Evaluation of the efficiency of assembly and selection of the unit according to the criteria productivity and specific fuel consumption on the example of a plow unit with variable width of capture “, which was completed by a demo demonstration of the tractor with the maximum width of capture at a lower tillage speed.

Then the seminar was continued by a master class “The impact of operational factors on the efficiency of John Deere tractors.” Representatives of Agristar LLC Yukziu Pavlo and Fedyshyn Oleksandr considered the following issues: optimization of operating modes of John Deere 8R series tractors and 6 series models, features of models, integrated solutions of precision farming systems, John Deere Generation 4 CommandCenter, tires with low pressure and significant contact area, technological adjustment and quality of cultivation when using disc cultivators, features and benefits of using plows with innovative design and options of working bodies. During the master class, there was a demo demonstration of rearranging the plows when changing the width of the grip.

Blyk Oleksandr – a representative of Agristar LLC held the following master classes. The second “Influence of operational factors on the efficiency of sowing of seeders” considered the optimization of seeders, ensuring accurate sowing in difficult conditions, features of sowing with minimal technology or stubble to create ideal conditions for seed germination, the use of precision systems agriculture, field management and crop care. The master class ended with a demo demonstration of the drill with control of sowing depth.

The third master class discussed the “Influence of operational factors on the efficiency of spraying at high speeds – up to 40 km / h”, namely the optimization of spraying modes, control of new systems for supplying the working solution, and control of the rod following operating conditions, CommandView ™ II PLUS Cab and BoomTrac, Section Control systems. Demonstrations of the John Deere 4730 self-propelled sprayer and a tractor with a minimum width of capture at high speed of cultivation took place.

The next master class “Efficient use of low-power tractors CASE IH” was conducted by Antonov Serhii – a representative of Ukrfarming LLC.b>
Head of the Department of Mechanotronics and Machine Parts of KNTUA Antoshchenkov Roman seminar with information on tests and results of traction characteristics of tractors.