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Student scientific-practical conference 2020

On April 2, 2020, a student scientific-practical conference “Problems of energy supply and energy saving in the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine” was held at the ECT Research Institute.

The conference was preceded by extensive organizational work of teachers and students, 167 abstracts of scientific papers were prepared for publication. In particular, 50 abstracts were published in the section of the Department of Power Supply and Energy Management, 43 theses in the section of the Department of Automated Electromechanical Systems, 38 theses in the section of the Department of Integrated Electrotechnologies and Processes, 18 theses in the section of the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Theoretical Electrical Engineering. computer-integrated technologies – 18 theses. In addition to the works of students of NNI ECT, the collection of abstracts includes works of students of other free economic zones, in particular NTU “KhPI”, KhNUMG. Beketova, NUBiPU, SNAU, KPHP KNTUA , VP NUBiPU “BAI”.

The collection of abstracts and the conference program are posted on the university website

Traditionally, the student conference was held in the academic building of the Institute of ECT, but this year, in connection with Covid-19, the conference was held in the form of webinars. To do this, the departments used the service for webinars MyOwnConference and the platform ZOOM. Practice has shown that it is better to hold webinars on the ZOOM platform. In the on-line mode, the conference participants had the opportunity to see and listen to each other.

During the speeches, the speaker could switch the screen to his presentation and make a report. All conference participants had the opportunity to see the presentation, chat and ask questions using a microphone.

The most interesting reports on the section of the Department of Electricity Supply and Energy Management were:

Kolomiiets Vlad (gr. 61Emn) “Study of the modes of operation of neutral electrical networks 6-35 kV on the basis of quasi-physical modeling” (supervisor associate professor, Ph.D. Savchenko O.). Vlad illustrated his report with slides with photographs of the physical model of the distribution network, in the development of which he was directly involved and which is actively used in the educational process of the Institute of ECT.

Shumieieva Anastasiia (gr. 51Em) “Analysis of the use of typical graphs of electrical loads in computer-aided design systems” (supervisor Assoc. Prof., Ph.D. Trunova I.). This work is a continuation of Nastya’s scientific work, who received a diploma of the second degree at the International competition of student research papers in 2019 at Kremenchug National University named after Mikhail Ostrogradsky, majoring in 141 Electrical Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics.

Plotnikova Yana (gr. 51Em) “Forecasting the generation of photovoltaic plants for the day ahead” (supervisor Prof., Ph.D. Miroshnyk O.).

Mokhonko Anna (gr. 51Em) “The use of alternative energy sources in the construction of local energy supply systems” (Head Assoc. Prof., Ph.D. Dudnikov S.)

Anna Butivchenko (gr. 51Em) “Reactive power compensation” (supervisor Assoc. Prof., Ph.D. Sereda A.)

In the process of preparation, the organizers of the section on the department of Electricity Supply and Energy Management created a group for communication in Viber, where they solved all the questions that arose in the students and shared their impressions of the conference.

The section of the Department of Integrated Electrical Technologies and Processes was attended by 38 first, fourth and fifth year students of the Institute of ECT (groups 13-BMI, 41-E, 47-BMI and 54-Em) and teachers of the department. The conference discussed the general issues of the current trend of development of integrated electrical technologies in the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine and the directions of integration of modern systems of biomedical engineering.

Student of 41-Е groupBorysenko Ivan made a presentation material on the topic: “Electromagnetic method and control system of the gaseous environment to increase fruit storage.” Sukhomlin Valentyna , student gr. 47-BMI, reported on the effectiveness of acoustic technology to affect the micro-objects of animals before their cryopreservation. Bardakov Valerii , student gr. 41-E made a report on “Optical electrical technologies for disinfection of bee varraatosis.” Student gr. 54-em Salnik Yaroslav made a report on “Development of a device for ozonation of eggs during incubation.” His presentation “Method of diagnostics of plant nutrition technology” was presented by a student of gr. 41-Е Pikh Yevhenii .

Students of group 13-BMI took an active part in the discussion of modern trends in the development of biomedical engineering in the agro-industrial sector of Ukraine.

The conference was held in an active discussion of questions and answers among students and teachers of the department of all sections of the Institute of ECT.

The conference in the form of a webinar helped to expand the experience of scientific communication on the Internet and is very useful for both students and teachers.