Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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071 Accounting and taxation


educational program “Accounting and Auditing” (for the second (master’s) level of higher education)


In modern conditions, accounting and auditing are becoming key tools for managing and improving business efficiency, as they provide owners, managers, and professionals with information about economic processes and phenomena, resources and efficiency of their use in all sectors of the national economy. The instability of tax legislation, increasing tax pressure, intensification of competition force businesses to seek and implement innovative measures for tax planning, optimization of tax liabilities. Thorough and comprehensive knowledge of business accounting, auditing, and taxation will enable graduates to properly plan, control, regulate, analyze and report to management, regulators, and other bodies on the financial and economic activities of enterprises.

Graduates of the specialty have employment opportunities in all areas of business; at enterprises of all organizational and legal forms; in banks and other financial institutions; in insurance companies; in audit firms; in budgetary institutions; in tax and other state bodies in the positions of managers, chief accountants, financial and commercial directors, accountants, auditors, etc. The advantage of graduates of the specialty is the opportunity to work in related specialties: finance, banking, and insurance; economy; management.