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Industrial practice of students of the ESI PFP abroad

Thanks to the fruitful cooperation of the graduating departments of the institute with the international department of KhNTUA in the person of the vice-rector for NDP and international relations Vitkovskyi Yu., The base of practices of the institute includes a large number of European processing enterprises.

Students of the specialty “Food Technologies” are especially in demand at the enterprises of the food industry in Germany. During the three-month internship, students improve their practical skills at meat processing plants, mastering the latest machines and best practices. It is very important that the student does not interrupt the theoretical training, and using the MOODLE system and other means of Internet communication with teachers and the group, on an individual schedule learns the material with his group.

At the beginning of the internship, the student receives a task from the head of the internship, and after returning compiles and defends the report.

In the photo, students of the ESI PFP Taranenko K. and Toryanyk S. on an internship at the Allfein Feinkost meat-packing plant in Laage, Germany.