Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Industrial practice for students

On January 8, the internship of 3rd year students of specialty 242 Tourism started. Prior to the internship, managers were instructed in safety. Students have an internship at such tourism facilities as OKZ “Kharkiv organizational and methodological center of tourism”, KZ “Zmiiv Museum of Local Lore”, Slobozhansky National Nature Park, KZ “Palace of Culture. V. Saussures “Lysychansk”, KZ “Kharkiv Historical Museum”, Recreation Center “Quiet Corne”, POG International Club of Travel and Tourism “Alpha”, Church of St. Luke the Crimean (Energodar) and others, gain new skills, perform tasks, see real examples of how the tourism industry works.

Department of UNESCO “Philosophy of Human Communication” and social sciences and humanities