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How to wear a mask

The Public Health Center reminded the rules of wearing and disposing of masks and gloves. The agency stressed that improper use of medical masks reduces their effectiveness. “The mask is designed to reduce the release of infectious diseases from the respiratory tract. The mask also prevents excessive contact with the hands to the face. The risk of infection on the mucous membranes is significantly reduced,” – said the Center for Public Health.

How to wear a mask:

  • throw rubber bands behind your ears, straighten the mask to cover your nose and mouth, squeeze the nasal plate;
  • the mask should be changed as soon as it becomes wet;
  • the mask should be changed every four hours;
  • do not touch the outside of the mask with your hands. If touched, wash your hands with soap or treat with an alcohol-based antiseptic;
  • cannot reuse mask;
  • you can’t use gauze masks, they don’t provide the proper level of protection.

How to remove the mask: do not touch its outer surface – remove the mask by the rubber bands (rubber bands can be tied together), roll up and throw in the trash.

When to wear gloves:

  • when direct contact with blood or other biological fluids, mucous membranes and potentially infected materials is suspected;
  • when there is direct contact with patients infected with contact-borne pathogens;
  • when working with potentially contaminated equipment and surfaces used in patient care.

How to take off gloves:

  • touch it at the level of the palm with the other gloved hand and carefully remove it; hold the removed glove with the other hand in the glove;
  • slide the gloved fingers on the wrist under the remaining glove and remove it by wrapping it over the first glove.

The Center for Public Health stressed that gloves should not be washed or disinfected for reuse.

“Microorganisms cannot be completely removed from their surface, in addition, the integrity of the glove structure is lost,” the agency said.

Gloves are worn last of all personal protective equipment.

What we know

According to the Center for Public Health.