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Greetings from Costa Rica

It was sent to the e-mail address of a former student of our university, or more precisely – the Kharkiv Institute of Mechanization and Electrification – Abraham Noguera Guido. In 1985-1990 he studied at the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization of HIMESG (now the Educational and Scientific Institute of Machanotronics and Management Systems) and was the only foreign student from Costa Rica. To confirm this fact, Abraham even sent a copy of his diploma to the number 160359.

Abraham wrote that thanks to our institute he received a good engineering specialty and is currently working in an agricultural company engaged in the export of pineapples. He has the best memories of his years of study at our university and he is very grateful to his teachers. And Abraham sends warm congratulations to his classmates and would very much like to meet with them.

We will be glad if Abraham Noguera Guido’s former classmates respond, his e-mail address is in the media communications department.


Greetings from Costa RicaGreetings from Costa Rica

Media Communications Department.