Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Graduation of masters-activists!

Now it’s time to graduate our master activists.
At the initiative of the trade union committee and the department for the organization of educational work of students, it was decided to mark those students who actively participated in amateur art circles, in the public life of the university and the city.
Thanks to such talented students, we have a bright and diverse life.
The unit and the trade union committee issued “Certificates” on the assignment of the profession “Leader of the amateur team.” Thanksgiving and commemorative medals with photos of graduates.
A video was shot in which five and a half years flew by in an instant…
Traditionally, a song was written for graduates.
Good luck to you, our dear friends! And we are waiting for a new generation and a talented change.
We are always glad to see you on the walls of the university!

Trade union committee and department for the organization of educational work of students.