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Field Day 2021. Photo report

Today based on THE PLANT PRODUCTION INSTITUTE named after V.YA. YURIEV NAAS of Ukraine in the village of Elite, Kharkiv region, a traditional Field Day was held, dedicated to the promotion of selection and technological innovations in modern grain production. The program of the scientific-practical seminar.

Participation in this important event of the Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture represented by Rector O. Nanka, the first vice-rector M. Lysychenko, director of the Institute of MMS V. Vlasovets, acting Director of the Institute of ECT V. Zhyla, heads of several departments, staff and students of the university.

As part of the Field Day, our university presented its innovative developments and scientific publications, as well as educational and professional training programs for agriculture and agribusiness. In fact, the scientific and educational opportunities and potential of KhNTUA are well known to most agricultural professionals who are either graduates of our university or have close cooperation with it. Therefore, Field Day allowed them to meet again in an informal setting, share experiences and discuss plans for further cooperation.

Such communication continued during the inspection of the research and demonstration site, where the selection and agro-technical innovations of research institutions of the Eastern Interregional Research Center of NAAS of Ukraine were presented. In total, more than 20 varieties and hybrids of cereals were presented at the landfill: winter rye, winter triticale, soft winter wheat, and hard varieties.

Among the latest developments of THE PLANT PRODUCTION INSTITUTE named after V.YA. YURIEV attention was drawn to a hybrid of winter rye “Saturn F1” with a potential yield of 9.5-10.0 t / ha, winter-hardy and drought-resistant triticale winter “Alexander”, a high-yielding hybrid of soft wheat “Fiction”, which gives more than 7 t / ha, etc. Students of our university, majoring in 201 Agronomy, had a great opportunity to get acquainted with these achievements of agronomic science and replenish their knowledge…

In general, Field Day reaffirmed the importance of close cooperation between agricultural science, education, production, and business, which can strengthen each other, ensure food security of our state and increase its agricultural potential, in particular, in international markets.

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