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About the department

The Department of Organization of Production, Business and Management was founded in 1948 as the Department of Economics and Organization of Agricultural Production to provide organizational and economic training of specialists for agriculture under the leadership of Associate Professor Pavel Lukyanov, who headed the department until 1965.

From 1965 to 1973, the department was headed by Associate Professor Mykola Pysin , under whose leadership scientific activities were carried out in the direction of improving the economic efficiency of the use of fixed assets in agriculture.

From 1973 to 2017, ie 44 years, the department was headed by Professor, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, Academician of the Engineering Academy of Ukraine Maznev Hryhoriy . Under his leadership at the department, research and development began to focus on researching ways to improve the efficiency of machinery in agriculture, primarily through the introduction of innovative resource-saving agricultural technologies. For the first time in the system of agricultural education Professor Maznev G. initiated the formation of students of technological and engineering specialties of entrepreneurial qualities, forecasting the structures of small and medium business by training, providing them with knowledge to start their own business. He has developed an original structured and ranked training program for entrepreneurs, part of which is an elite education program for business leaders.

During the existence of the department active work is carried out in the direction of formation of scientific and methodical base on preparation of experts in the field of management of efficiency of agriculture, the complex of business games, imitation exercises which activate mental activity of students and increase efficiency of educational process is developed.

Students have the opportunity under the guidance of teachers to participate in scientific conferences and various competitions of regional, national and international nature. It expands their worldview, develops communication skills, raises the professional level and teaches to find extraordinary solutions in different life situations. Over the past three years, under the guidance of teachers of the department, students have prepared more than 200 scientific papers.

In different years they worked at the department:

professors:Ambrosov V., Antonenko L., Belebekha I., Melnykova L., Nahaiev V., Putiatyn V., Turchenko M.;

associate professors: Aleksandrova A., Bakum V., Burdun V., Vorfolomeieva L., Hevorkov R., Hutorova O., Hryshchenko K., Demidko P., Zhernoklieiev M., Korniienko O., Kotliarov L., Krymov M., Lysenko S., Lytvynov B., Ohurtsov V., Pasechnyk V., Petrov V., Pipina T., Rudenko A., Savchenko V., Sakhnenko V., Sihaiev A., Tymchenko S., Tymchenko M., Shapovalov V., Shefel S., Shyian N., Shchetinin M.,;

senior lecturers: Zahoruiko A., Kononenko A., Lahota T., Melnyk V., Popov V., Shcherbakova I.;

assistents: Bilyk O., Heleta O., Diundyk S., Zadnychenko S., Klochan V., Krasnorutska T., Stelnikova A., Tkachenko V.;

senior laboratory assistants: Zabolotna V., Kramarenko M., Matskova T., Yevsiukova Ye., Shomina L.

We would especially like to mention the participant of hostilities in the Great Patriotic War, Professor Mykhailo Turchenko, who worked at the Department of Production, Business and Management from 1968 to 2014, ie for more than 46 years.

In 1990 a highly educated specialist in the field of economic and mathematical modeling Doctor of Technical Sciences V. Putyatin was admitted to the Department of Economics and Organization of Agricultural Production. At that time, the department already employed specialists in computer technology: associate professors Rudenko A., Shapovalov V., Kornienko O., senior lecturers Kononenko A. and Ogurtsov V. It was decided to separate from the department of economics and organization of agricultural production of relevant specialists and to create a department of cybernetics.

In 1992 the Department of Economics and Organization of Agricultural Production was separated from the Department of Economics, which was joined by the Department of Political Economy and which was later divided into the Department of Accounting and Auditing and the Department of Economics and Marketing.

Кафедру економіки і організації сільськогосподарського виробництва було перейменовано у кафедру організації виробництва і менеджменту, а у 2002 році кафедра отримала назву «Організації виробництва, бізнесу та менеджменту».

Currently, the department has 29 teachers, among them 7 professors, 12 associate professors, 7 doctors , and 12 candidates of sciences, 7 senior lecturers, 1 assistant.

The main directions of academic disciplines:

  • management,
  • organization of production activities,
  • agribusiness organization,
  • organization and management of business activities,
  • planning and strategic management
  • quality management
  • business planning methodology
  • public administration

The main direction of scientific work of the department is “Mechanism of increasing competitiveness, development of economic and production-technological potential of subjects of agro-industrial production”.

Teachers of the department together with heads and specialists of farms of Kharkiv region conduct field classes on the organization of production and management, conduct career guidance work and enter into agreements with future employers.

The results of scientific research in the farms of Kharkiv and other regions of Ukraine are used by teachers of the department in the preparation of guidelines and manuals to ensure the educational process.

Since 2000, a set of actions has been taken to create computer classrooms to provide students with automated workplaces. Currently, all laboratory and practical classes are conducted at a high methodological level with the use of modern technology.

The department widely uses active teaching methods, simulation exercises, game design, analysis of specific situations and business games.

Employees of the department have repeatedly been awarded the rector for high dedication and significant contribution to improving the image of the university.

During the last 5 years the teachers of the department have defended 18 dissertations:

Korniietskyi O.“Interregional interaction of transport and logistics systems in the conditions of spatial transformation of economy: theory, methodology, practice”(2016)
Krasnorutskyi O.“Sales management of agricultural enterprises: theory, methodology, practice” (2013).
Orel V.“Management of economic potential of pig industry enterprises: theory, methodology, practice” (2016)
Potyshniak O.“Organizational and economic mechanisms of integration interaction of agricultural and industrial enterprises for wool production and processing: theory, methodology, practice”(2016)
Shabinskyi O.“Management of economic security of agricultural enterprises: theory, methodology, practice” (2016)
Boblovskyi O.«Intercultural interaction in the context of globalization: philosophical and cultural dimension» (2013)
Hatsko A.«Organization of marketing activities in the management system of an agricultural enterprise» (2013)
Dudnyk O.«Investment mechanisms for managing the resource potential of agricultural enterprises» (2015)
Zaika S.«Mechanisms of formation and realization of investment potential of enterprises on production and processing of rape» (2015)
Kalinichenko S.«Institutional regulators of development of vertically integrated structures in sugar beet production».(2014)
Sahachko Yu.«Mechanisms of strategic management of animal husbandry development in agricultural enterprises” (2015)
Smihunova O.«Organizational and economic principles of formation of rational sizes of dairy enterprises» (2016)
Bohomolova K.«Management of competitiveness of products of agricultural enterprises of plant direction» (2016)
Maiboroda M.«Mechanisms of mobilization of production reserves to increase the economic efficiency of the grain complex» (2013)
Podolska O.«Integration management mechanisms for the transformation of the production structure of agricultural enterprises» (2017)
Vlasenko T.«Mechanisms for managing the sectoral structure of agricultural enterprises» (2017)
Kolpachenko N.«Organizational and economic principles of development of bioenergy potential of agricultural enterprises» (2017)
Kuskova S.«Strategic management of competitiveness of enterprises-producers of agro-food products» (2017)

The activity of the department is diverse, one of its main directions is educational work , as a component of the quality of training and is carried out in order to form the abilities of each student to preserve and increase cultural and moral values, as well as develop constructive behavior skills. in the new economic conditions.

This work is constantly in the focus of the teaching staff of the department.

Due to the increase in foreign students in recent years, international work in groups has intensified. It is not new for the department, as the Afghan community was active in the 80s of the last century. Employees of the department actively participate in the adaptation of foreign students to the traditions and culture of our state.

One of the ways to acquaint foreign students with the national culture is to involve them in cultural events of the university. Creating an environment of creative, intellectual, cultural communication is based on the formation of values of student youth. The development of this area is possible due to the creation and strengthening of the traditions of the department, participation in cultural and sports events within the department, the institute and the university as a whole.

Since 2013 under the leadership of teachers of the department successfully organized and operating Zmiiv fellowship of students of KhNTUA . The number of Fellowship participants in 2017 was 71 people.

In 2006, under the leadership of Professor Maznev Hryhoriy, a research laboratory “Substantiation of innovative agricultural technologies ” was established.

The creative team of the research laboratory has developed original technologies for growing many crops. The Department of Production Organization, Business and Management has extensive experience in developing technological maps for growing crops.

The developments of the Research Laboratory have been repeatedly recognized as winners of leading domestic and international scientific competitions and exhibitions, in particular, diplomas and gold medals of the exhibitions “Agro-2009” and “Agro-2011”, the exhibition “Colorful Ukraine”, the international salon patents and know-how, as well as other awards.

Research Laboratory “Rationale for Innovative Agricultural Technologies” received in 2006-2014 7 Gold Medals and 7 diplomas of the winner of the All-Ukrainian competition “BEST DOMESTIC PRODUCT OF THE YEAR”