Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Disciplines of the department

  1. Construction Mechanics
  2. Determination and control of reliability this year techniques
  3. Test and test reliability
  4. Dynamic strength and reliability of machines
  5. Operation of oil depots and the Armed Forces
  6. Machine operation and maintenance
  7. Computer diagnostics and machine condition monitoring
  8. Computer Reliability Modeling
  9. Quality management and control in mechanical engineering
  10. Mathematical modeling and statistics
  11. Research methods and organization
  12. Research Methodology
  13. Mechanics of materials and structures
  14. Modeling the reliability of structures
  15. Car reliability
  16. Machine and CIS reliability
  17. Machine reliability
  18. TK oil product supply
  19. Resistance of materials
  20. Optimal equipment design
  21. Transportation of dangerous goods
  22. Car design
  23. Design of technological processes of MOT machines
  24. Calculations when designing machines
  25. Development of quality management systems
  26. Theories of machine operation and design of technical systems
  27. Technical and operational parameters of vehicles and their diagnostics
  28. Technical Diagnostics
  29. Engineering geology, basics and foundations;
  30. Construction production base;
  31. Construction technology;
  32. Building Materials Science;
  33. Basics of computer-aided design in construction;
  34. Inspection and testing of buildings and structures;
  35. Water supply and drainage;
  36. Building structures;
  37. Engineering structures;
  38. Reinforced concrete and stone structures;
  39. Architecture of buildings and structures;
  40. Theory of elasticity;
  41. Organization of production;
  42. Geodesy;
  43. Heat supply and energy efficiency of buildings and structures;
  44. Regulatory framework for construction;
  45. Fundamentals of management of construction companies;
  46. Energy facilities.