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Organic fertilizer spreader

Organic fertilizer spreader
The unit is used to apply the main dose of solid organic fertilizers and waste from the sugar industry – deficiency.
Technical indicators:
  • grip width – 40m;
  • working speed – 2,5…7 km/h;
  • application dose – 10…80t/ha;
  • uneven distribution of fertilizers – ±22%;
  • type of car – hinged;
  • productivity – 3,5…9ha/h;
  • is aggregated with tractors of a traction class – 3.Organic fertilizer spreader
Author’s certificate № 1498561
Authors of development: Ph.D. Makieiev N., Ph.D. Zaitsev A, Ph.D. Anikieiev O., Sen. Lect. Romanashenko O., Sen. Lect. Krasnorutskyi O.