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Historical background

Historical background

The department “Optimization of technological systems named after T. Yevsiukov” was founded in 1932 under the name “ Operation of machine-tractor park “. The main founder of the discipline Operation of machine-tractor park was academician Svirshchevskyi B. Professor Fere M. , who worked at the department until 1940, took an active part in its formation.

Historical background

The material and technical base of the department in the period 1932-1941 was limited to devices for traction tests of Machine-tractor unit (dynamos Schaefer-Budenberg, Amsler, Goryachkin and measuring wheel). During the Great Patriotic War, the institute was evacuated to Tashkent. The post-war development of the department began in 1951 under the leadership of Associate Professor Bulanenko F.

During the existence of the department professors worked and still work academician Svirshchevskyi B. , professors Fere M. , Yevsiukov T. , Kovtun Yu. strong>, Pastukhov V. , Dzholos P. , Melnyk V.

 Historical background In 1969, the first laboratory for maintenance of tractors and agricultural machinery was established at the department. Since 1973, the staff of the department under the leadership of associate professors Slobodyuk V. and Makeeva M. begins to develop new technologies and means of mineral and organic fertilizers. In 1984 at the department under the leadership of Professor Evsyukov TP created a problem laboratory “ Mechanization of fertilizers “. Research in this area has led to the creation of new technologies and technical means of applying mineral and organic fertilizers, which are protected by more than 50 copyright certificates and patents for inventions, and proposed for production.

Under the leadership of prof. Slobodiuk V. 5 candidate dissertations on means of mechanization of solid mineral fertilizers were prepared and defended. Under the guidance of Assoc. Makieiev M. was prepared and defended 3 candidate dissertations on the means of mechanization of solid organic fertilizers. Under the leadership of prof. Yevsiukov T. prepared and defended 4 candidate dissertations on the means of mechanization of liquid mineral fertilizers with irrigation water. Under the leadership of prof. Melnyk V. 2 candidate dissertations were prepared and defended.

For the last 10 years 2 doctoral dissertations (Prof. Pastukhov V., Melnyk V.) have been defended at the department.

Under the guidance of Assoc. Makeiev M. and executors Zaitsev A., Anikieiev O., Romanashenko O. and Krasnorutskyi O. were developed and put into production body spreader and roller-spreader of solid organic fertilizers in Belgorod region.

Prof. Melnyk V. developed and introduced into production a tape method of applying herbicides locally when sowing industrial crops.

Under the leadership of prof. Yevsiukov T. and performers Assoc. Rudenko P., Pastukhov V., Kaliuzhnyi O., and others were developed and introduced into production mechanization means for application of liquid mineral fertilizers with irrigation water in farms of Kharkiv region.

Since 1995, the department began teaching the discipline “ Rationale for engineering solutions “, which is sufficiently used multi-criteria analysis and a systematic approach to solving engineering problems. In 1996, the staff of the department in cooperation with the departments of other universities of Ukraine published a textbook in this discipline for higher education institutions. Every year more than 70 students defend diploma projects at the department.

In 1997 the department was replenished with the necessary equipment to determine the quality of mechanized processes in agriculture; is equipped with an agroqualimetry laboratory and under the guidance of Professor Kovtun Yu. the study of a new discipline for students “ Agroqualimetry ” begins. In 2000 the textbook “Agroqualimetry” was published (authors: Kovtun Yu., Mazorenko D., Pastukhov V., Dzholos P.).

The staff of the department published “ Handbook of machine use in agriculture “, which is widely used by scientists, manufacturers, students of the country (Pastukhov V., Chyhryn A., Anikieiev O., Tsyhanenko M.).

Historical background

In 2000 at the department under the leadership of associate professor Pastukhov VI a research laboratory for optimizing the use of agricultural machinery is being created, the direction of which is to increase the level of agriculture by improving the system “ Energy – agricultural. machine – environment – man – structure of entrepreneurship ».

The staff of the department in 2008 published a textbook “ Information support of agricultural production ” (V. Liutynskyi, V. Pastukhov, H. Rudnytska).
In 2009, the staff of the department published a textbook “ Transport support of agricultural production ” for course and diploma design (L. Tishchenko, V. Pastukhov, A. Zaitsev, M. Tsyhanenko, O. Romanashenko, L. Prysiazhna) .

The staff of the department in 2009 published a textbook “ Engineering Service of Agricultural Enterprise ” co-authored by V. Pastukhova, O. Romanashenko, H. Fesenko, S. Kharchenko, V. Liutynskyi, M. Cherkashyna, L. Prysiazhna; KNTUA. – Part 1: Organization and justification of technical support of ICC.

Professor Melnik V. from 2006 to 2012 published monographs “ Limit equilibrium of continuous inelastic media “, “ Limit equilibrium of connected and bulk media “, “ Intrasoil application of liquids in crop production “,” Distribution of liquids under the soil layer “.

Teachers of the department with the active participation of senior students and masters conduct research work in the areas :

– optimization of complexes of machine units for the production of leading crops in Ukraine according to the criteria of conservation of resources, biological potential of crops and the environment;

– improvement of technological processes and means of mechanization with the introduction of organic, mineral fertilizers and herbicide solutions.

By the decision of the seminar of heads of EMTP departments (November 2004) the department of “EMTP” of KNTUA is determined as the leading among related departments of Ukraine.

The department introduced modeling of machine-tractor units in the discipline “ Dynamics of agricultural units».

The proposed design of a soil channel with two gutters and a brake station using a self-propelled tractor model, allows you to explore its traction, speed and other parameters of work on different types of agricultural or road surface, and significantly reduce the time and cost of experiments.

In 2009, the Department of Operation of machine-tractor park was renamed the Department of OTS named after T. Yevsiukov.