Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Mutual attendance of classes

Name of visiting lecturerFrom which disciplines consultationName of teaching lecturer
Fabrychnikova I., Halych I.Mechatronics AIPAntoshchenkov R.
Bohdanovych S., Lukianenko O.Analysis and synthesis of mechatronic systemsAntoshchenkov R.
Ridnyi R., Bohdanovych S.Mechatronics of motor transportAntoshchenkov R.
Bohdanovych S., Lukianenko O.Details of machinesKolomiiets V.
Lukianenko O.Details of machinesRidnyi R.
Antoshchenkov R.Details of machines and PTMRidnyi R.
Halych I.Quality, standardization and certificationLukianenko V.
Fabrychnikova I.Conformity assessment of productsLukianenko V.
Kis V., Lukianenko O.Standardization and certification of agricultural productsFabrychnikova I.
Antoshchenkov R.Interchangeability, standardization and technical measurementsFabrychnikova I.
Fabrychnikova I.Total quality managementKis V.
Ridnyi R.Interchangeability, standardization and technical measurementsKis V.
Kolomiiets V.Details of machines and PTMBohdanovych S.
Antoshchenkov R.,  Halych I., Lukianenko O., Nykyforov A.Applied computer design in Creo ParametricBohdanovych S.
Fabrychnikova I.Statistical methods of agricultural product quality managementHalych I.
Kis V.Interchangeability, standardization and technical measurementHalych I.
Lukianenko V.Information technologies in the field of standardization, certification and qualityHalych I.
Antoshchenkov R., Kis V.Quality managementLukianenko O.
Bohdanovych S.Interchangeability and technical measurementLukianenko O.
Fabrychnikova I., Ridnyi R.Quality Management or Total Quality ManagementNykyforov A.
Antoshchenkov R.Methodology and methods of standardizationNykyforov A.
Lukianenko V., Halych I.Metrological quality assurance of productsNykyforov A.